Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 11

Reinforcements arrive
– Arbitrators
– Inquisition
– Adeptus Mechanicus

Senshal takes over the bomb watch.

They start clearing out the rest of the facility

They stop all trains and search for weapons.
– Transport grinds to a halt.

We are debriefed by Lawrence.
– Mechanicus is angry as hell, but Lawrence puts them in their place.

Hunt for the Monitor is ongoing, but it’s going badly

We are flown back to the fortress and are debriefed further.

At the end of the first day we are congratulated by Starfall and Lawrence.
– They give us a warrant for Enginseer 40317, dead or alive.
– From their perspective they believe it has went well, and the Logicians are on the run.
– One final one with a body, and one AI.

Trains of city set back, trains no longer run on time.

Talonerus seals lower hive to being a man-hunt.
– They do a purge of Servitors
– Prisoners turned into Servitors
– Presgangs taking people of question for Servitors.

Arbites and Mechanicus Scintary are the ones doing the hunt.
– After two weeks they believe he is in the steel press sector.
– Many Scintary die, and some Arbitor to crazed servitors and “Industrial Accidents”

I get promoted for my work in finding the Black Blade.
– Quick promotion ceremony
– New equipment

- Interrogation of F.C. goes well
– He’s very curious of his past.
– Using that and giving him some information about what we did.
– He tells us what he can, but doesn’t know where the Monitor would hide, but does know that Black Blade had a forward arming point at the Central Railway yard.

- I then interrogate the Brotherhood Lejhonjay member
– He tells me about the history of the brotherhood
– How they were once an official regiment
– Then once they tried to overthrow a corrupt lord, but failed to do so
– The lord had them marked as a traitor
– It was eventually sorted out, but due to the way the Imperium handles information their name was permanently marred.
– They decided to disband and then reform as a mercenary company in the Calixis Sector on a Death World.
– They are still very loyal to the Emperor, and accept anyone who is there to wipe their past and start anew.
– They are not happy that they assisted a heretic
– He acted as a Guard Captain to get their help
– I get his Captain’s name – Batrone
– After explaining the situation they agree to help search for the Monitor
– They send the squad we fought with a missile launcher to join us.

- Ravion and myself are then brought before Lawrence
– Who opens up a hologram to Inquisitor Varrack
– We are presented with our new Insignia and offered the position of Legate Investigator
– We accept and then are trained in what we need to know

- Posirus goes off for some sort of Assassination training

- Laserus is recovering from his broken ribs

- Roltus takes Ravion off for something about what happened during their fight

- Roltus later feeds me the financial data he found
– Business holding of the F.C. bought in the Steel Press sector

Roltus calls a meeting between the 5 of us
– Laserus warns both Roltus and Ravion that if they show any demonic possession they’ll be killed.
– After the shock was over they told us how Ravion has turned out to be a latent Psyker.
– Varrack, with pressure from Kaedy, had decided to let him stay.
– Roltus is to watch Ravion, but we are all to watch the both of them.

- We then discuss combat plans to find the Monitor. We have 3 buildings to hit.
– Two Scintary squads per building
– One Arbitor squad per building
– I meet up with the Brotherhood to cover the main building
– Ravion preps his squad to breach a building
– Laserus gets sewer maps
– turns out they lead to some mines where they stopped mining because it was threatening to set off the volcano crust
– Posirus gets teh Butler to join in to help
– Roltus just gears up


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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