Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 12

- Two hour journey through the underhive.
- Arrive at side of mountain, massive refinery.
- Massive build up of steel waiting on train pickup
- Meetup with control barrier around the area setup by Arbites and Scintary
– We pull through and the Brotherhood releases several servo skulls to being scanning

- Posirus and the Butler arrive
– Announce themselves
– Begin sneaking into their building

- Ravion and his men pull up
– Bring along Roltus and Laserus
– They plan their assault and all of us are waiting to move once Posirus reports back.

- Reports that there are several Techpriests inside that appear to be operating machinery.
– There is also a large amount of servo skulls out looking about.
– I inform the Scintary and ask them about it
– They tell us to treat everyone as hostile
– Ravion says not to and that we should check targets
– Laserus starts arguing that they shouldn’t risk it.

- The Brotherhood says their sensors picked up 2 life signs in the building we’re breaching
– As we get ready the door starts to open
– I tell the others our position is given away, so we all declare to breach

- I kick open the door and tell the two to get on the floor
– One turns out to be a scribe who cowers, the other a Techpriest
– The Techpriest attempts to shock us
– Stuns two of us
– I blast him away.
– I attempt to interrogate the scribe
– He’s too panicked to tell me anything
– I manacle him to the outside wall
– Tell the Brotherhood to grab the Cogitator and roll out.

- The other teams breach their buildings
– Before long they encounter several traps of large loads of steal and coal being dropped on them
– The place starts filling with coal dust
– Several squads are killed and start to retreat.

- Ravion, Roltus, and Laserus breach
– Followed by Ravion’s squad
– They spread out and start to clear the place
– Soon they spot the Monitor engaging a squad of Arbitors 300 metres up.
– Ravion and Grace attempt to snipe him
– The rest of them started to make their way up

- The Brotherhood and myself cleared the other building of several Techpriests
– Then we start to head over and up to help engage the Monitor

- The others are not doing well
– The Monitors reflector shield was absorbing all of the shots
- Just as Roltus, Laserus, and the rest of the squad was about to reach him, the Monitor uses a device to jump all the way down to the ground.
– They all start moving down to engage him.
- The Monitor engages Scintary
– The Brotherhood and myself start heading down to the hole in the centre.

- Posirus it turns out is holed up down there with the Butler
– Also waiting to intercept whatever comes down there.


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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