Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 16

Note: Stephen didn’t actually attend this session

- Ravion and Posirus finish with Voss and give him two days to think over offer

- Pamphlet confirmed to be written by old missing Inquisitor

- Get to Tricorn
– Others are talking to Varrick
– Aristarcus
– Senior Agent
– Sent to Archridge
– Inquisitor Kaedy
– Has resources on Archridge

- Others researching previous rebellion
– Baron Havalir Saerton Ubrexis
– Official records make no sense being in the Inquisition Vaults
– Was a rebel and heretic
– Planet was Russian style mining world
– Falling behind on tithes
– Payed all he had to help Mechanicus help improve the place
– Made lots of enemies by educating his serfs
– Was the butt of a lot of jokes
– Paid biggest tithe ever, and more after that
– Other nobles hated that people were trained and that people could read
– They were terrified of an uprising
– Queen attacked Baron and his serfs
– Allegations of mutants popped up, but there was no proof
– War broke out, and the Baron won the first few battles
– Baron then his, and started a rebellion group called the “Broken Chains”
– Destroyed mining equipment without injuring anybody
– One year later attacks start to get brutal for no known reason
– Suddenly report ends saying they removed the rebellion
– Only finally cleansed the rebellion 10 years ago
– The Baron made public statements on purpose to prove his was in the right
– The current writings are similar to this, but different enough to not have come from the same person.

- Stroff won’t say anything on the subject
– He looked into business who owns sections in the middle hive.

- Posirus went to Confessor Anaheim to get paper.
- Got stopped by cleric.
- Found out Anaheim is at Elusive palace to see Sector Lord.

- Gius is minor priest
– Very well connected to Anaheim
- Posirus makes friends with him
– Promise to go to front line
- Gets request sent for blessing

- Magistratum Kurt is waiting for group at the Palace
– He’s a cop that Inspects Hive Sections
– Was sent by Voss
– Investigating Coxians
– Has lost 13 informants
– 2 left
– One of which is Voss who used to be a cap
– Under pressure from all sides to deal with Coxians

- Coxians have two wings
– Military wing is primarily off-worlders
– Works with Hydra
– Locals are idelogical wing
– Voss infiltrated, got into a fight, got pulled out, and now won’t go back.
– Has deadman files on Nobles and Gangs if he goes down.
– Redemptionist on their way in.
– Military and Ideological wings don’t get along.


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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