Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 17

- I got to the Tricorn, and get help to figure out the Printers location.
– I guess it’s in the transport yard based on required size and facilities required
– Get told it’s an Anaheim factory, about 35 of them in that area.
– All of them are near highways/main rooms.

- We all meet up and swap notes.

- After Kurt leaves, Stroff leaves to talk to Leitenvays

- We call Varrick
– He confirms records aren’t right
– Obrexius is alive in cell block 2Y56
– Next to Casius Leitenvay

- Anaheim is also contacting Inquisitor Rickus

- I propose to Varrick about giving the Scailen-Har a chance
– He agrees

- Varrick agrees to delay Rickus with Kaedy’s help.

- I tell the others of my plan to set up a duel between Scailen-Har and house Anaheim over all contested Coxian territory.
– They cautiously agree
– They also agree that Ravion would be the best to fight the duel.

- I go off and get Pompei to help me prepare the document.
– He’s nervous about it, until I impress upon him that this is to a historically important document, and that the duel will need a scribe to witness it.
– He becomes quite eager to help out after this.

- I then go to Palace to get it made official.
– Lawance is unavailable, so I meet with Lady Julia instead.
– We discuss the document, and she suggests some improvements
– Such as having the territory bought by Scailen-Har instead of take by force.
– She signs, and then gets a copy made for herself.

- Plan to get Scailen-Har on board.
- Drop pamphlets to Coxians, need to see Quailan

- Quailan is inside Ideological contact.
– He wrote the pamphlets
– Inside the 52nd Anaheim Las factory.

- I contact Starfall for security at tomorrows duel.
– Tell him about Coxian military faction and Redemptionists will want to stop the duel.
– He call for almost all Arbites under his control to prepare.

Concordite Chang – 1st among equals for the Scailen-Har

We discuss, and I convince him that both Arbritator and Stroff have a right to be interested in what is happening.

I show him the document, he is surprised, but willing.
– Ravion has to duel to show he’s good enough.
– He fights their champion to a draw, however they consider it good enough.

They call the Leitenvays and Laserus answers.
– They get Lady Julia involved.
– She admits to channeling funds their way for this deal.
– They has out a deal
– 50% Scailan-Har, 15% Stroff, 15% Leitenvays.

Posirus is working on his Assassination plans
– Gets help from Lady Julia

Rolus is helping work on plan to hold/take the rebelling sector once it’s done.


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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