Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 18

- Posirus kills their top duelist.
– Claims it’s hard
– Comes back with some pictures of some lizards

- Roltus runs war games.
– Figures out what tactical weaknesses are – Radio Comms.

- I arrange leaflet drops, then turn up 20 minutes after the meeting.
– Cleric Giaus is furius
– I intimidate him to shut up and take the challenge to Confessor Anaheim.

- I ‘Convince’ the Coxian guards to let me see Qualian.
– They take me to a radio
– It’s on a mid-band frequency.
– I speak to Qualian, and let him know what’s happening.
– He says he can “Live with it”, but that others may object
– I tell him that it would be a waste of life to fight, and they should pick their fights better.
– I even offer to get them better fighting opportunities.
– He expresses concern that it’s replacing one bad master for another
– I advise him to check the Scailan-Har history
– He warns me to uphold my end of the duel, and I promise him I will.

- Random side note: Gallen?

- Ravion takes me to see the Master of Ceremonies who owns him a favour.
– I present the Duelling Document
– They decide it’s very important and take me to the person in charge.
– They then call house Anaheim, and get get Footman Thomas, who then gets the head of the House.
– We all speak, and he asks why this is being pushed.
– We explain we have recordings of Gaius and (Raptor?) discussing Confessor Anaheim is getting Redemptionists in, which would cause problems meeting the Tithe.
– He is furious to hear this, and agrees to the duel.


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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