Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 20

- We quickly go through film
– Obvious that our surprise really worked in our favour
– Most resistance from rallied squad of Vostrians

- Confirmed Dead – Moustache guy

- Arbites report
– Infiltrators in chutes are being dealt with
– Informed them of Astarties

- Debrief prisoners
– Who are you?
– Coxians
– Loyal to the Emperor
– Why Prisoner
– Betrayed by traitorous wing of Order who wanted to use violence to destabilise spire.
– What were the plans for the traitorous wing?
– Months ago met with a charismatic noble
– Plans was to kill a lot of other nobles
– Plan failed and that caused divisions in the group
– Things got distracted when workers rioted against Lardo Sans – Big spanner in the works
– Coxians had rift when Stroff duellist fought to convict Lardo – (Ravion)
– They don’t actually know what the MW is planning

- Did you sign a document dedication yourself to a higher power?
– They have not
– Never was offered to them
– Brought in by Voestrians
– For Warriors only – Their Operations win

- Going through recovered documents
– Very updated pamphlet
– Attempt to counteract my pamphlet
– Poorly written – Obviously not written by Quailen

- Recruitment book is a chant book for the Eternal Brethren of the Nine Daggers
– Tied to Leitenvays?
– Is a fraternity dedicated to the defence of the Empire “As it should be”
– Nobles are corrupt
– System/Bureaucracy is broken
– Heavy in historical references
– Why did Broken Chain rebellion/crusade end?
– Theories keep going back further and further
– Back to start of Empire
– Emperor is ‘Grand’ figure
– Why did it all fail?
– Lords of Terra are as corrupt as their system
– How did the Imperium get brought low when the Emperor was so powerful and surrounded by the God like Primarchs
– Loyal song to Imperium
– Very repetitive 3 notes in the song
– Like a Hydra that shall strike
– No regular pattern
– 7 sets of 9
– 4 repetition sets
– 3 repetition sets
– Notes in Imperial Morse Code
– Series of Numbers – Universal Grid Coordinates
– Forbidden world – Locked Information – Very far away
– Even my Inquisitor ring is locked out
– A planet that was hit with Exterminartus
– No notes as to why

- I fly material with Posirus to the Tricorn

- Roltus checks radios
– Lots of Imperial Guard war music

- When arriving at the Tricorn we see a Stormshooper ship leave
– Interrogator Sans meets us
– Varrick is on the way with the Sisters
– We discuss documents
– He’ll look into it
– He gives me command of Stormtrooper squad
– He has another in reserve
– Tricorn is kept unaware

We all set up for duel and arrive
– Roltus at HQ
– Posirus and Grace set up on overwatch at 1km away
– Ravion and mself arrive, then the Master of Ceremonies kicks things off
– Lots of things going on
– Ravion introduced around 11am

- I start getting report of Arbites getting killed by a meta-human
– I pass on message to others
– Call in Stormtroopers
– Tell them to pass on info to Starfall, and for Starfall to pass onto High Command
– They launch full attack on all fronts
– Armoured takes mines
– Attack on shipyard

- Ravion’s opponent is introduced
– Omar – Greek, dark complexion
– Respirator on
– Chain Sword
– Bolt Pistol
– Light Carapace – Light armour in general

I detect explosives in the crowd with my Auspex, and move to intercept

Omar planting grenades and running between pillars

Marine continues towards duel, cutting through Arbites to get here.
– Arbite Jason holds him off for a few rounds alone.

I tell Stormtroopers to intercept

Ravion wins the duel

We arrange to draw out the Space Marine
– He doesn’t fall for the trap
– Auspex doesn’t find him

He killed 4 Regulators – Arbites

Scailen-Har assumes control of the Mid-Hive
– Redemptionist doesn’t get to make their move



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