Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 29

Grace lied dead
- Shulz grabs her dogtags and letter

I hand shield to Ravion
- Carry Roltus over one shoulder, shotgun in the other hand

We get in contact with Sergeant, he can only hold for another 15 minutes or so

It takes us almost 10 minutes to reach Sergeant.
- Roltus wakes up and starts healing

Demons appear – I faint
- Others start suppressing, shooting, and charging
- I wake up and join in the charge
- Big melee
– I take ages to catch up, but kill some
- Roltus heals us quite a lot
– Ravion almost keeps up with the Sergeant for killing

We come to Void between ships
- Posirus jumps across
- Sergeant throws the rest of us across
– I land badly, but am healed up

We hear Orks fighting with Warp Beats up ahead
- There are larger beats
– They have Dark Elder with them

Posirus takes out Dark Elder leader
- In distraction we collapse the gantry onto the combat below
- Running forward we run into a Killa-Kan
– Posirus flips onto its back, and kills it with a single shot

We run through Phosphorus area

Get radio signal, start making contact with reinforcements
- Teams providing breach up ahead for us to retreat to
- About 150 Orks between us and extraction

Plan to suppress, move forward on a flank, push through, have suppressors join us, and extract.
- Posirus shoots a Nob, who takes it and roars in anger.
- The rest of us join in the general melee
– We kill enough to breach and flee

We are exhausted, and fly off
- Order is given to secure squad we met inside
- Torpedoes start hitting the Hulk and breaking it up
– Sergeant puts the book we recovered into a reliquary

Back on the ship, Varrick greets us and gives us a rousing speech to raise the mens spirits
- Men dismissed

Questioned on other accolytes
- Tell about their history
- Old Inquisitioner recognise the name of Inquisitor Solduan
– Says they were disposable, sent to find out
– Acolytes get angry, but Ahkmarzi dismisses it and walks off
– Acolytes ask about Solduan, and what will happen to them
– Ahkmarzi says Solduan died charging the Eye of Terror
– Ravion asks to have Acolytes assigned to him
– Varrick agrees, but questions them on beculiours (no idea what I meant by that word)
– Decides they shall be judged and tried on board the ship

We are put into Quarantine
- Ravion does alright thanks to the sword

Posirus expresses desire for single cell
- Varrick tazes him

I log and prepare debrief notes and questions



Valcondrious Valcondrious

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