Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 31

- Roltus comes back with Forden

- Ravion suddenly exclaims out loudly – “Fuck”
– Goes to door and orders a trooper to get Varrick – Complies
– I ask what Ravion wants, he says to contain the four Acolytes
– I order Stormtrooper guards to arrest the four, and get a techpriest to stop Mollenken’s connection to the ship
– More senior officers come in
– Tech showdown between the Techpriest and Mollenken
– Very petty
– They call us on ‘betrayal’
– Ravion calls them on non-compliance – THey comply

Off with the four of them for interrogation
- Varrick is there

We discuss who the four are, can they be trusted?
- Are they really from the past?
- Did they just research the past and grab known names?
- Are they innocent and their master the corrupt one?
- Are they working in union?

- Do we take them with us?
– Varrick advises us not to, and to test them

We decide that we won’t take them with us
- First they’ll be assigned to Starfall to hunt down Van-Saar
- Then assigned to Gun Metal city with our data from F.C. and Eagle’s Talon
– Access to interrogate F.C. and Monitor
– Job is to hunt down the Serrated Query to what world it came from
– If we do not return in X time frame, they get to follow the lead

Posirus mutters to himself during his meal (talking to Stroff and Varrick)
- Then turns to Lady D, makes creepy comment, and Ravion takes him off.

Ship gets back
- Ceremony for returning Book & Sword
– Medal for all – Sideways sword on a book

Debriefed by ?? (Kaedy if I remember correctly)

Taken to Varrick’s room with other Acolytes
- Varrick claims the new four, and assigns them to Ravion

Ravion briefs them, and they are sent off
- Assigned to Marshal Starfall
- Lady D, makes a comment about working for the man and being a snitch

We get data-slate with mission to Icanthus – Page 363

Long discussion on how we’re dealing with mission.
- We’re going as pilgrims
– Light gear to blend in
– Extra ammo for trading
- 2 Valkyries and squads on ship in Orbit


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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