Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 32

We research Serrate Query in Tricon – 4 Successes
- Clandestant Criminal Organisation
- Profit without thought to morality or Imperium
- Promotes conflict and sells to both sides – Goods and Information
- Smuggling, Drugs, Slavery, and Xeno goods

- Over Abundance of Information – Need to filter
- Very Old Organisation
– Records older than Sector
– 5,000 years
– From/In another Sector?
- Archavist Hoge notes Machine Spirits die, books better

Outlandish – Dates back to times when Emperor ascended to the Golden Throne
- Formed from result of Criminals losing profits to crusade
- Was formed by rebles wanting to keep Xeno ties

- Have been used by Imperators in past many times

- Strength and Influence ebs and flows over the centuries
– Like a cockroach it won’t fully die

- Operates in cell like fashin to prevent information flow
– 3 to 5 members
– Tends to have a lot of hangers on
– Passes up TIthes to older cells

- Mercantile version of the Inquisition?

Pilgrim Cover – Ex-Guardsman?
- Offer protection to other Pilgrims?

Icanthus has a lot of Pilgrims going to it
- Revered due to trouble getting to shrines

Side Note: Child Posirus rescued is called Mer
- Posirus has meeting with Stroff to discuss Demon Clown

- Roltus Fream? – Unkown to the rest of us
– Wake up in Forest/Mire
– Dark
– Lots of Animal Sounds
– Tries to travel, keeps ending up in same location
– Notices fresh human tracks
– Wearing medieval clothing
– Is a lot shorter, with small hands
– Is a child
– Foot prints equal Adult

Ravion wakes up
- Being led through Mire by woman
– Black dress and pale skin
– Ask = Trying to escape and find brother
– Wait for brother

- Lots of weird stuff
– Woman = Crow
– Wants out to escape something
– Black suns will disable us all

- After wakeup they go report to Varrick
– Will pass on message to Kaedy

We end up on ship taking Pilgrims
- The brazen sky
- We act as guards from the get go
- Ship protected by Imperial Ship – Linage of Presence

Brazen Sky going to collect Imperial Tithe

Warned to watch out for Ashleen
- We say we’re from Mordian 2-5th

Possible running nobles on board
- Leitenvays or their allies on the run
- Older man, plus Daughter and Son
- Seems very Piou
- Old man is shifty – Bodyguard?

Ship lands
- People vomit from not being used to it
- We stand out for not vomiting
– Nobles don’t either
- Posirus in leaper disguise is cattle prodded into shuttle
– Passengers scared on the way down
- Posirus sapped out upon landing

Very harsh environment
- People wear bright colourful rags
- Long clothes, but loose to keep moisture
- Pilgrims very under prepared

Met by official who points us towards the Pilgrim Missionary
- Official is self-important and asks too many questions
- Wasting time, especially by asking for paperwork

Ravion starts trying to get idea of who will need gear so as not to slow us down.

Official gives up when he realises there is no money to get for bribes

Ravion approached by begging boy, Ravion tries to scare him off, boy drops Inquisitors name, Ravion forces kid to take him to there without paying him.

We take Pilgrims to church
- On the way we encounter clothing shop
– Nobles buy entire group clothing
– Also chase off kid assaulting Posirus

Line at church of beggars needing medicine
- They tell us to wait in line, Missionary agrees
- Sister appears, says we have to prove ourselves for assistance
– Posirus looks after people

Sister picks up I’m not guardsman, calls me out on it, I pull out my Arbritrator’s badge.
- Story about hunting Psykers not handed over to Black Ships.

Orlan Skay
- Leading Construction – Stone Hope
- Having some trouble
- Several ships dropped by in last few years
- Get names of most prominent merchants
– She suggest checking with the Administratum

Ravion gets into bar brawl.
- Arrested, along with entire bar
- Posirus gets him out

Young Nobles are burning something – We leave them to it
- They get met by child again, and are escorted to Arastartkus
- We get summoned by note delivered by Cherub

- Lots of Merchants on the way
- On the way there are Trumpets, and announcement to let Warriors or Dubai through
– Taking in wagon of Ghost Pollen for trade

- We enter walled compound, Imperial markings lots of Mercenaries
– They don’t let leper Posirus in or urchan boy
– Small walled compounds insie
– Led to ‘fancy’ house for this area, it even has a garden
– Secure room, lots of books, even has a statue of a saint
- Arastarkus greets us – Male – Says saint is his ancestor
– Looks like frail scribe, alert, charcoal robes, high gothic script
– Fiddling with Emperor’s Tarot
– Friendly… Like Varrick

- Blueface = Ashleen = Local indigenous people

Stonehope about to be dedicated to Saint Druskis

Ask about Serrated Query
- Says he was warned about this
- Has looked into it without success
- Gives me two years of Administratum reports
– Need to match against my sales records of 1.5 years ago
– Ships?

Ask about Lucy, tied to entertainment
- Told about trading vessels without warp
- Missery Cord
– Said to be a herald of bad luck
– Carnival culture

Heavy Stubber
- Herkim
- Posirus convinces lawyer to buy it
– Bodyguard takes over

Posirus buys a rug

Orlan Skay
- Primary contact at Stonehope
- Abbot

I get taught how to be a Mordian
- No please and thank you.
- Discipline
- Discharged due to Regiment destroyed in successful campaign
– Black Crusade / Cadian Front

We go to ‘the pits’ (shops) to see what’s there
- We buy ammo for heavy stubber

Rultus and myself go over documents
- Find nothing around sale date

Hear fighting at night
- Missiles and Heavy Stubbers
– Hopefully homemade

Morning summoned to pits
- Trucks, flatbeds, for pilgrims
- Armoured Van for us

Arastarkus in desert goggles
- Our driver is sick
- I drive
- Ravion on gun and navigating
- Roltus on ammo
- Posirus hiding in flatbed

Other driver – Markus

Drive goes alright, but nighttime has to stop so Roltus can give him visor at night.

We stop for the night before a ravine that could be an ambush.
- Posirus runs ahead to scout the position
– Finds 30 guys, 1 heavy weapon, horses
– 3 guys have lances, 1 banner, fancy helmets, spying on ambush

Posrus comes into range to return info
- Ravion calls mercenaries to discuss plans
– They don’t want to engage
- We decide to engage by ourselves
– Leave Mercs to guards while we’re away

Clan has Frag missile Launcher

3 guys have red Aquila on cloaks and banner
- They prepare to charge

Mortar hits, Posirus starts shooting
- Clan yells out about Seth attacking
- Roltus gets radio frequency
- Ravion and I start running

Clan bolts, calls for mortar fire

Ravion joins in support fire

- Takes a rocket, shrugs it off

Posirus takes some impossible shots and still kills people

We meet up with Seth’s men at 100m, discuss things with them.
- They are Seth’s personal guard.
- They warn us off Stonehope – False identity
- Invite us to join Seth’s warband
- Ride off.

- Missile launcher with two shots
- 1 week food and water
- Vox Caster

We come back and tell the pilgrims that we killed them all without assistance

East = Seth
West = Costcae
- Picked up by Roltus on Radio

Clan is wondering why Costcae is sending men to Cathedral
- Crew members quitting over stress, other clans, and strange occurances

Ravion tells Priest about Seth’s men’s warning
- Is Seth just doing this so as to not lose men to its worship

Travel for next day goes without incident

Arastakus tells us about Costcae
- Related to Warlord Skull
- Very ruthless
- Rat like cunning

Another safe day of travel
- Across barrens, thorny weeds, lots of arid dirt
- Lots of destroyed vehicles
– Ghost Fire flowers bloom around dead people

We’re being followed by Shale Crows.


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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