Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 40

All of us put into separate cells for “Training” and questioning

Todd takes over Shulz – NPC → PC
- Trained in flamers by Sisters and inducted into Inquisition

Kaltos found to be lying
- Deferred execution package – Control of collar given to myself and Shulz

We’re all given mind resistance training
- Scott leadership training with Kaedy and squad
- I drink poison and go down into vault again

1.5 months of training

I have detinator for Kaltos’ bomb collar
- Delayed in hopes of getting STC

Sent to Varrick’s office

Potential Plan
- Drop Verispects and Pompei off at Iacanthus

Other potential plans
- Drop by Arckridge, scan, stealthily check out power source
- Drop by Deathwatch – ask
- Ask other group about Fenksworld
- Ask Kaedy about Arckridge


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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