Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 33

Radio – Costcae heading towards Cathedral

Heat starts to get to the group – All but Posirus
- A level of fatigue

At night Priest leads us in praryer
- Tries to uplift spirit
- We realise group won’t survive at current rate
– Need to get rationing
– I convince Priest to deliver message to Pilgrimage
– He has a good argument and convinces them because it’s what Saint Drus also went through

10 of us for rotating watches – 2 per watch

- While on watch Roltus listens on radio
– Seth & Costcae groups are both preparing for something
- Ravion picks out – Costcae forming advanced party to greet at Cathedral

I’m on watch with Dacius – Couple bodyguard
- Radio silence

At watch swap I spot movement at North of our ravine
- I wake up others and we prepare
- Ravion wakes up pilgrims who make noise
- Roltus tries to sense it, and can’t
- Posirus wakes up

I try to dash up a hill, and fall down it

Posirus joins others and told to scout
Ravion hands strummer to Priest
Roltus keeps scanning
Posirus rushes up hill

We check view, and see nothing

Posirus has to use IR to pick out an old guy hiding and speaking to these black shadow things
- Posirus shoots at the old guy – he goes flying
– Shadows start coming for him – Posirus start running

Arastarkus looks through dropped IR
- Sees Shadows, declares contacts, and starts shooting
I try to see them without IR and cannot

Ravion organises the men

Roltus draws power sword, and makes a psychic sword

Arastarkus says they’re immune to bullets – pulls power sword

I pull holy weapon and head down hill

Ravion draws power sword, orders pilgrims to drive back two hours

Roltus senses warp taint – says it’s local

I say we get in trucks and punch through

- Posirus has a solo adventure

I get people on trucks, and we head off
- I convince others we’ll go back for Posirus

I wait for Psychers to tell me when it’s safe
- They say the feeling switches to sanctified
- Roltus projects to Posirus to check on him
– Establishes contact – Posirus is lost – will contact again in 10 minutes

Posirus heads backto where we were – Starts just talking to us over comms, but also to a demon
- Rejects demons offer

We head back to grab him in a truck

Posirus asks things to appear – we freak out
- Wall of Shadows appear around Posirus

I floor it back with Ravion, Roltus, and Priest

Posirus yells out “They’re trying to eat me” and bolts towards us

We arrive – sees supplies – Go to get them – Posirus runs past us

As we load pressure mounts
- Ravion draws weapon into guard mode
- Priest starts warding ritual
- I continue to load
- Ravion tries to order Demon and fails
- Roltus tries to help Priest
- Priest orders us to load
- We do

Eventually pressure stops.
Priest asks us what happened, we say was unknown presence.
Ravion says thing fled in fear.

We meet back up with other truck.
- Arastarkus is doing card reading
- Asks if it ran away, we say yes
- I ask if it is a known entity, he says no

Priest goes to Posirus to ask what he saw
- Ravion gives spare bead
- Posirus tells us about seeing old man speaking to Shadows
- Posirus shot old man
- Shadows approach, Posirus ran
- Posirus tripped and dropped mask
- Ran to “magical land”
- Get stuff, including ghost radio
- Came back, shadow gave back mask
- Then Shadows wanted release, then to eat him
- Preist says to throw away all things from Shadow
- Gives Posirus a prayer scroll

At midday we stop for break
- Arastarkus says we’re still about two days out

Roltus calls meting with us, Preist, and Arastarkus
- Reveals we’re Inquisition
- Explains we have another demon following us and it might have scared off the other manifestation
- Explain crew form
– Shale crows different
– No eyes
– Random Movements
– Will attack if they think they can win
– Local legend that they’re a bad omen

Strong smell of Iron in the air
- Possible sandstorm tomorrow

We decide to push on hard to the Mountains for protection
- Roltus refreshes us

We make it, and Posirus’ bird find a Shadowed shape where we’re going
- Posirus suggests ambush
- Roltus checks radio
– Hears weird noises
– Psyker sense picks up weird feeling

Arastarkus says we still have to deal with it
- Shale Crows missing

We find crag to pull into and hide in

Posirus potentially sees something is up in the mountains
- Climbs up, finds Eagle Crest burnt into the rock
- Arastarkus climbs up, sees mark, claims it’s a miracle
– Sign of Saint Drus left here to lead us here
- Posirus takes a picture, but none of us recognise it

We bunker down and prepare for a week
- Big sand storm
- On watch others scare guards
– I reinforce faith and idea we are blessed

At day pilgrims are in bad morale
- Work with Priest to reinforce faith

Gulliman - Session 32

We research Serrate Query in Tricon – 4 Successes
- Clandestant Criminal Organisation
- Profit without thought to morality or Imperium
- Promotes conflict and sells to both sides – Goods and Information
- Smuggling, Drugs, Slavery, and Xeno goods

- Over Abundance of Information – Need to filter
- Very Old Organisation
– Records older than Sector
– 5,000 years
– From/In another Sector?
- Archavist Hoge notes Machine Spirits die, books better

Outlandish – Dates back to times when Emperor ascended to the Golden Throne
- Formed from result of Criminals losing profits to crusade
- Was formed by rebles wanting to keep Xeno ties

- Have been used by Imperators in past many times

- Strength and Influence ebs and flows over the centuries
– Like a cockroach it won’t fully die

- Operates in cell like fashin to prevent information flow
– 3 to 5 members
– Tends to have a lot of hangers on
– Passes up TIthes to older cells

- Mercantile version of the Inquisition?

Pilgrim Cover – Ex-Guardsman?
- Offer protection to other Pilgrims?

Icanthus has a lot of Pilgrims going to it
- Revered due to trouble getting to shrines

Side Note: Child Posirus rescued is called Mer
- Posirus has meeting with Stroff to discuss Demon Clown

- Roltus Fream? – Unkown to the rest of us
– Wake up in Forest/Mire
– Dark
– Lots of Animal Sounds
– Tries to travel, keeps ending up in same location
– Notices fresh human tracks
– Wearing medieval clothing
– Is a lot shorter, with small hands
– Is a child
– Foot prints equal Adult

Ravion wakes up
- Being led through Mire by woman
– Black dress and pale skin
– Ask = Trying to escape and find brother
– Wait for brother

- Lots of weird stuff
– Woman = Crow
– Wants out to escape something
– Black suns will disable us all

- After wakeup they go report to Varrick
– Will pass on message to Kaedy

We end up on ship taking Pilgrims
- The brazen sky
- We act as guards from the get go
- Ship protected by Imperial Ship – Linage of Presence

Brazen Sky going to collect Imperial Tithe

Warned to watch out for Ashleen
- We say we’re from Mordian 2-5th

Possible running nobles on board
- Leitenvays or their allies on the run
- Older man, plus Daughter and Son
- Seems very Piou
- Old man is shifty – Bodyguard?

Ship lands
- People vomit from not being used to it
- We stand out for not vomiting
– Nobles don’t either
- Posirus in leaper disguise is cattle prodded into shuttle
– Passengers scared on the way down
- Posirus sapped out upon landing

Very harsh environment
- People wear bright colourful rags
- Long clothes, but loose to keep moisture
- Pilgrims very under prepared

Met by official who points us towards the Pilgrim Missionary
- Official is self-important and asks too many questions
- Wasting time, especially by asking for paperwork

Ravion starts trying to get idea of who will need gear so as not to slow us down.

Official gives up when he realises there is no money to get for bribes

Ravion approached by begging boy, Ravion tries to scare him off, boy drops Inquisitors name, Ravion forces kid to take him to there without paying him.

We take Pilgrims to church
- On the way we encounter clothing shop
– Nobles buy entire group clothing
– Also chase off kid assaulting Posirus

Line at church of beggars needing medicine
- They tell us to wait in line, Missionary agrees
- Sister appears, says we have to prove ourselves for assistance
– Posirus looks after people

Sister picks up I’m not guardsman, calls me out on it, I pull out my Arbritrator’s badge.
- Story about hunting Psykers not handed over to Black Ships.

Orlan Skay
- Leading Construction – Stone Hope
- Having some trouble
- Several ships dropped by in last few years
- Get names of most prominent merchants
– She suggest checking with the Administratum

Ravion gets into bar brawl.
- Arrested, along with entire bar
- Posirus gets him out

Young Nobles are burning something – We leave them to it
- They get met by child again, and are escorted to Arastartkus
- We get summoned by note delivered by Cherub

- Lots of Merchants on the way
- On the way there are Trumpets, and announcement to let Warriors or Dubai through
– Taking in wagon of Ghost Pollen for trade

- We enter walled compound, Imperial markings lots of Mercenaries
– They don’t let leper Posirus in or urchan boy
– Small walled compounds insie
– Led to ‘fancy’ house for this area, it even has a garden
– Secure room, lots of books, even has a statue of a saint
- Arastarkus greets us – Male – Says saint is his ancestor
– Looks like frail scribe, alert, charcoal robes, high gothic script
– Fiddling with Emperor’s Tarot
– Friendly… Like Varrick

- Blueface = Ashleen = Local indigenous people

Stonehope about to be dedicated to Saint Druskis

Ask about Serrated Query
- Says he was warned about this
- Has looked into it without success
- Gives me two years of Administratum reports
– Need to match against my sales records of 1.5 years ago
– Ships?

Ask about Lucy, tied to entertainment
- Told about trading vessels without warp
- Missery Cord
– Said to be a herald of bad luck
– Carnival culture

Heavy Stubber
- Herkim
- Posirus convinces lawyer to buy it
– Bodyguard takes over

Posirus buys a rug

Orlan Skay
- Primary contact at Stonehope
- Abbot

I get taught how to be a Mordian
- No please and thank you.
- Discipline
- Discharged due to Regiment destroyed in successful campaign
– Black Crusade / Cadian Front

We go to ‘the pits’ (shops) to see what’s there
- We buy ammo for heavy stubber

Rultus and myself go over documents
- Find nothing around sale date

Hear fighting at night
- Missiles and Heavy Stubbers
– Hopefully homemade

Morning summoned to pits
- Trucks, flatbeds, for pilgrims
- Armoured Van for us

Arastarkus in desert goggles
- Our driver is sick
- I drive
- Ravion on gun and navigating
- Roltus on ammo
- Posirus hiding in flatbed

Other driver – Markus

Drive goes alright, but nighttime has to stop so Roltus can give him visor at night.

We stop for the night before a ravine that could be an ambush.
- Posirus runs ahead to scout the position
– Finds 30 guys, 1 heavy weapon, horses
– 3 guys have lances, 1 banner, fancy helmets, spying on ambush

Posrus comes into range to return info
- Ravion calls mercenaries to discuss plans
– They don’t want to engage
- We decide to engage by ourselves
– Leave Mercs to guards while we’re away

Clan has Frag missile Launcher

3 guys have red Aquila on cloaks and banner
- They prepare to charge

Mortar hits, Posirus starts shooting
- Clan yells out about Seth attacking
- Roltus gets radio frequency
- Ravion and I start running

Clan bolts, calls for mortar fire

Ravion joins in support fire

- Takes a rocket, shrugs it off

Posirus takes some impossible shots and still kills people

We meet up with Seth’s men at 100m, discuss things with them.
- They are Seth’s personal guard.
- They warn us off Stonehope – False identity
- Invite us to join Seth’s warband
- Ride off.

- Missile launcher with two shots
- 1 week food and water
- Vox Caster

We come back and tell the pilgrims that we killed them all without assistance

East = Seth
West = Costcae
- Picked up by Roltus on Radio

Clan is wondering why Costcae is sending men to Cathedral
- Crew members quitting over stress, other clans, and strange occurances

Ravion tells Priest about Seth’s men’s warning
- Is Seth just doing this so as to not lose men to its worship

Travel for next day goes without incident

Arastakus tells us about Costcae
- Related to Warlord Skull
- Very ruthless
- Rat like cunning

Another safe day of travel
- Across barrens, thorny weeds, lots of arid dirt
- Lots of destroyed vehicles
– Ghost Fire flowers bloom around dead people

We’re being followed by Shale Crows.

Gulliman - Session 31

- Roltus comes back with Forden

- Ravion suddenly exclaims out loudly – “Fuck”
– Goes to door and orders a trooper to get Varrick – Complies
– I ask what Ravion wants, he says to contain the four Acolytes
– I order Stormtrooper guards to arrest the four, and get a techpriest to stop Mollenken’s connection to the ship
– More senior officers come in
– Tech showdown between the Techpriest and Mollenken
– Very petty
– They call us on ‘betrayal’
– Ravion calls them on non-compliance – THey comply

Off with the four of them for interrogation
- Varrick is there

We discuss who the four are, can they be trusted?
- Are they really from the past?
- Did they just research the past and grab known names?
- Are they innocent and their master the corrupt one?
- Are they working in union?

- Do we take them with us?
– Varrick advises us not to, and to test them

We decide that we won’t take them with us
- First they’ll be assigned to Starfall to hunt down Van-Saar
- Then assigned to Gun Metal city with our data from F.C. and Eagle’s Talon
– Access to interrogate F.C. and Monitor
– Job is to hunt down the Serrated Query to what world it came from
– If we do not return in X time frame, they get to follow the lead

Posirus mutters to himself during his meal (talking to Stroff and Varrick)
- Then turns to Lady D, makes creepy comment, and Ravion takes him off.

Ship gets back
- Ceremony for returning Book & Sword
– Medal for all – Sideways sword on a book

Debriefed by ?? (Kaedy if I remember correctly)

Taken to Varrick’s room with other Acolytes
- Varrick claims the new four, and assigns them to Ravion

Ravion briefs them, and they are sent off
- Assigned to Marshal Starfall
- Lady D, makes a comment about working for the man and being a snitch

We get data-slate with mission to Icanthus – Page 363

Long discussion on how we’re dealing with mission.
- We’re going as pilgrims
– Light gear to blend in
– Extra ammo for trading
- 2 Valkyries and squads on ship in Orbit

Gulliman - Session 30

Posirus is taken off for conditioning

Posirus and Roltus debrief the guardsman.
They seem annoyed at not being fully informed.

Ravion and myself interrogate the other rescued Acolytes

Alien Tech filled guy – Tempen
- Unresponsive as he thinks we don’t have authority, and sees them just being used as a resource
- I point out that either we take their command or they will be killed, and they are a resource just like all Imperial Citizens, and that I don’t want to see it go to waste.
- He accepts this
- He was a Xeno-Tech expert and was recruited for that fact
– Was given life saving Xeno-Tech which started interrest
- Seems loyal to Emperor
- Is willing to work under us for two conditions:
– He keeps his Tech, Contacts, and Study of Xenos
– That others in the squad can do the same
- Ravion is willing to agree, but I point out an Inquisitor must approve
– He’s OK with this

Mollenken – Tech Priest
- Similar to Trempen
- Really wants to chase down Dark Elder leads
– We point out quarantine, he says there are other options
– Roltus gives him permission to proceed, he pulls up ships Machine Spirit and starts to pull up logs
– Finds battle over satellite, connects it to guard with Dark Elder weapons.
– We admit connection
– He pulls up log of Satellite and connects it to RDX 2-6
– I admit we have leads, but can’t share without given authority to do so
– He says he’s in if conditions are met.

Lady D – Specialises in contacts and acquisition
– Does not push out

Sergeant Forden
- Angry man
- After a lot of questions he decides it’s better working for us than going back to the war front.

Roltus takes Forden off for questioning.

Gulliman - Session 29

Grace lied dead
- Shulz grabs her dogtags and letter

I hand shield to Ravion
- Carry Roltus over one shoulder, shotgun in the other hand

We get in contact with Sergeant, he can only hold for another 15 minutes or so

It takes us almost 10 minutes to reach Sergeant.
- Roltus wakes up and starts healing

Demons appear – I faint
- Others start suppressing, shooting, and charging
- I wake up and join in the charge
- Big melee
– I take ages to catch up, but kill some
- Roltus heals us quite a lot
– Ravion almost keeps up with the Sergeant for killing

We come to Void between ships
- Posirus jumps across
- Sergeant throws the rest of us across
– I land badly, but am healed up

We hear Orks fighting with Warp Beats up ahead
- There are larger beats
– They have Dark Elder with them

Posirus takes out Dark Elder leader
- In distraction we collapse the gantry onto the combat below
- Running forward we run into a Killa-Kan
– Posirus flips onto its back, and kills it with a single shot

We run through Phosphorus area

Get radio signal, start making contact with reinforcements
- Teams providing breach up ahead for us to retreat to
- About 150 Orks between us and extraction

Plan to suppress, move forward on a flank, push through, have suppressors join us, and extract.
- Posirus shoots a Nob, who takes it and roars in anger.
- The rest of us join in the general melee
– We kill enough to breach and flee

We are exhausted, and fly off
- Order is given to secure squad we met inside
- Torpedoes start hitting the Hulk and breaking it up
– Sergeant puts the book we recovered into a reliquary

Back on the ship, Varrick greets us and gives us a rousing speech to raise the mens spirits
- Men dismissed

Questioned on other accolytes
- Tell about their history
- Old Inquisitioner recognise the name of Inquisitor Solduan
– Says they were disposable, sent to find out
– Acolytes get angry, but Ahkmarzi dismisses it and walks off
– Acolytes ask about Solduan, and what will happen to them
– Ahkmarzi says Solduan died charging the Eye of Terror
– Ravion asks to have Acolytes assigned to him
– Varrick agrees, but questions them on beculiours (no idea what I meant by that word)
– Decides they shall be judged and tried on board the ship

We are put into Quarantine
- Ravion does alright thanks to the sword

Posirus expresses desire for single cell
- Varrick tazes him

I log and prepare debrief notes and questions


Gulliman - Session 28

I ask Vougal about Adjorgen, he says Adjorgen is dead.
- I ask him to help us recover her Artefacts then.
- He asks about us getting the signal he sent
– Doesn’t seem surprised about jump into future – expected even

Leads us on
- Corvus confronts him
– Both claim taint and heresy
– Vougal Dead?
– I try to scan with Auspex – it doesn’t work – V says all won’t
- Talks about Dark Shadow Hunters – Ethereal Warp Beasts?
– Dark Elder might control them?
- Vougal says he sent his men to provoke Xenos to attack Dark Hunters

Enter main hold
- Adjorgen and Demon frozen in time
- Blade in her hand and piercing the Demon Head
- Book floating and attached via chain
– Adjorgen and Demon surrounded by stasis field
– Clothing and items still moving

Others assigned to watch Roltus and myself
- Roltus will carry the sword
- I will carry book
- Roltus will levitate up to retrieve the Artefacts
– Roltus gets paranoid and gives us command word to kill all non-squad members
– He gets the sword and returns it to me
– He gets the book and quickly skims it – Article on Necrobiana
– Has prophesy about Demons defeat

- Posirus took picture of open page.

Books has a big Inquisitor I mark

- Vongal asks how we plan to leave
– We say by the same route we entered
– This leads to a small debate
– Posirus holds back, hears people on the outside of the ship
– Ravion starts interacting with a manifestation
– We discuss alternate breaches, but the sound of Sergeant nearby makes us push outside.
– Dark Elder flanking, Posirus rushes
– Ravion and others fire on flanking force
– Dark Elder and beasts above of us, I shoot at and miss them

- Lots more combat
– Grace is killed
– Roltus heals a lot, goes down, and I carry him out
– Ravion grabs relic sword and charges

Gulliman - Session 27

We travel 5km to the other ship.
- We hit a wall, and just walk up the wall.
- Eventually reach human ship, but non-Imperial design.

Ravion stops and swears he can hear growling, no one else can.
- I scan and see some unconscious Orks, and some unknown creature. Plus a completely unscanable area.
- I tell the others with theory Xenos keeping Orks for food. Possible tech similar to Posirus.

Posirus goes in to scout while we keep back
- Orks are shredded by claws – very quickly with no sign of attackers or how they surprised the Orks.
- I ask Sergeant for his opinion, he says Warp Beast, advises alternative breach.
- Posirus hears running footsteps – enemy?
- We decide to use Roltus as warp beacon
– Tied rope so Sergeant can pull him out
– The rest of us just outside to breach

Warp beasts come through walls and start to tear us up.
- Almost kills me in one hit
- Rest do ok
- I get healed
- Sergeant kills lots
- Everyone else does OK for attacks
- As battle goes well a shadowy figure appears and starts running away, Sergeant tells us to chase and kill it
- Turns out to be a Dark Elder
- Most remain to fight demons, Sister and Myself chase, Posirus gets into sniper duel with him.
- I swap for Enforcer Rounds.
– Posirus kills him while I was aiming, but not before he calls for reinforcements.

We push on and find signs of Orks.
- We also start hearing the Twilight emergency transmition
- We hear Orks running, they’re killed and demons burst in
– Sergeant charges, Sofia charges, we’re told to run

We run following the Signal, I lead with Auspex
- We reach the Twilight and it’s dark gothic architecture
- Posirus finds a door, Roltus opens the door with Intrusion Spirit
- We get in, but Grace notices people following
– Turns out to be people from our vision of the future
– Roltus links our comms, and Ravion introduces us to them
– I warn them of the Dark Elder threat

They’re from 600 years ago, and were sent by Inquisitor Soldean
- Job was to reinforce Inquisitor Adjorgen
- It was a Space Hulk when they arrive “12 hours” ago
– Fought several bands of Orks along the way.

Hexagramic wards on the outside were normal
Petagramic wards on the inside are modified

Cells are all empty
Start hearing a little girls voice, welcoming us back, and celebrating that she’ll be free soon.
- Zombies “Imperial Citizens” start to appear
- They don’t appear on life or heat sensors
- Ravion commands them to leave us
– They part to reveal figure in Robe – Corvus
– Cleric and his dead followers, I ask him to move
– He wants to leave, I say maybe after we finish our mission
– Mysterius Inquisition voice asks what mission Guard would have on an Inquisition Ship.
– We ask for proof that they’re Inquisition

- Guy in armour appears, takes us off after recognising Ravion
– Legate Investigator Vougal
– We introduce ourselves as Legate Investigators as well.

Gulliman - Session 26

Get back into Gun Truck, my team is incredibly quiet over the matter.
- Bad dreams to voices of dying babies

Hunt begins for any missing Leitenvays.
7 days left

We have meeting to discuss what we bring
- Our normal group
- Grace with a flamer
- Schmidt with a heavy bolter
- The Space Marine
- Sister Sophia with a flamer and chain sword

I also arrange for us to get Sanctified Weapons
- Litany Vox-Caster for Roltus to carry
- Intrusion Spirits for Rultus and myself
- Sactified shells for Posirus and myself
Introduced to Sergeant Agramore – Space Marine
- Grace and Schmidt are taken for Sanctification
- Very Regal pressence
– Everyone bows except Varrick

Varrick goes over mission again
- Retrieve Artefacts of Inquisitor Adjorgen
– Blade – Lumius Approach – Crafted by Legendary Smith
– Liber Demonica – Book of Demon Names

Flow out on T-1 days left to large ship in Orbit
- Has 3 Frigate ships with it
- We chat on the way – Faith is important, Sergeant Agramore is in charge, Awkward

On ship we’re welcomed by Guardsman with fur hats
- They kneel for Sergeant Agramore
- We are taken further into the ship
- Lawrence is trancing Posirus whith a Chrono
– Snaps Posirus out of it and gets him to recite mission
– Tells Posirus he’s under Sergeant Agramore’s command

We are taken to Command Centre of Magnus Encarter
- All non-vital personal sent out
- Visual of Space Hulk coming out of warp
– On crash course with planet
– Is transmitting call sign of Inquisitor Adjorgen
– We have 15 hours to secure what we want on the Hulk

Long discussion on what our entry and progression plan is.
- We decide on our own rout over what experts suggest

We enter shuttle to leave
- Sergeant lugs in device to him fly
- Ship blessed by Techpriest
- 40 Minute flight to Space Hulk – About size of 40 Cruisers
- Roltus goes through frequencies picked up
– Beacon for Twilight
– Orks screaming
– Weapon Batteries
– We send back to Magnus

We get message from our fleet that they’re detecting an energy change on the Hulk
- We get told to take evasive maneuvers.
- Roltus fails to make it to a harness in time, and gets thrown around
– We manage to dodge the weapon fire

Ravion says he saw another ship
- No one else can see it
- Won’t appear on sensors

We get close and prepare for breach

On ship we see Orks first thing
- Sergeant Agramore kills two with his Hammer
- I run up and shoot four of them, killing one
- Ravion runs up and shoots, killing the four he hits

We move on.
Posirus scouts ahead and finds an Ork room with their warboss
- We check for alternative route, but it’s warp tainted
- Posirus takes out the Ork boss, and the orks start fighting
- We run past to move on

We end up at a junction, the way we want is closed by a door.
- Orks start charging towards us while Sergeant Agramore starts to beat down the door
- I am scared and almost panic
- Ravion shoots some
- Roltus tells us not to look and activates his fear form, sending the Orks fleeing.

After Sergeant Agramore beats down the door, Posirus goes through and seems to get distracted by… nothing?
- Sergeant Agramore snaps him out of it and sends him on ahead
- We hit pocket of safe air
- Posirus asks Roltus about what he saw – Tyrant Star?
- Ravion sees something scary and faints for 1 round.
- We move on after smelling roses
- Posirus locks doors for non-taken passageway.

We arrive at Organic Ship, non-breathable air, no gravity
- Orange haze
- Sergeant Agramore on point, comms pretty much not working in any useful fashion.

We reach a point where we have to go through the hull
- Sergeant Agramore starts to pound through the hull
- Creatures start to sppear
- We get through, but a few of the team gets tears in their suits
– I repair them

We end up in a large void between ships that are part of the Hulk.
- After discussing how to navigate I come up with the idea to use the Auspex to mark and track location and movement.

Gulliman - Session 25

- We discuss the guilt of Cassius and his family
– Two field Interrogations
– Four months and 19 days of Preceint Interrogation
– 37 Executions – 2 over a 2 month period
– Apply all to any family within 2 generations

Decide to have Varrick get Conclave to declare entire family Excommunicated
- After I interrogate Cassius
– 13 days left

4 questions for Cassius
- He is bound and guarded by Sisters

Q1) What do you know about your ex-lover Lucy?
Q2) How did you acquire the Demonic Book?
Q3) What were your long term plans?
Q4) Who else is involved in your Treasonous plot?

Q1) Is fantastic being now, met in Malfey, another cast, a performer
- She wanted to serve Master in best way possible
- Was to reveal the grand Truth
– The King in Rags & Tatters / Wears no Mask / Truth of Universe

Coxians is scum, Self Deceiving Dregs
Reveal truth in Tradition of Vistaini
- Troop is well travelled in the sector

Doesn’t know where she is
- Play reveals truth / Transient / Elder Understand – Learn from them

What is Corcosa?
- Tied to play
- Ancient city with strange suns
- Some sort of court

- There is no plan of where she will go

Q2) Book
- Given to him in University of Malfey
– Doesn’t know who
– Day after the play
– Left in his bookshelf
– In University Dorm

Q3) World is stagnate, people are strangers in their own husks.
- Make people realise the prison they are in.
– By removing Mask – Ravion is nervous so I make him leave.
– Involve?
– Showing them the signs of Radiant King
– Pandimonium Carnival
– Eventually Entropy will take over the Imperium, Corcosca will rise, The Dark Star rises

Q4) Malusandre
- Friends have seen her
- Still talks to Lucy

- Sons – Gone now – removed masks – failed
- Silent on the rest of his family
- Troop of Minstrals
- Find the Revelators, Heralds of Radiant Court
– Initiates, Magi, Entertainers, Masters of Managery, The Favoured
- Master of Manurgery Skeem
– Take victum and hollow soul, show Corcosca

Everyone does their own thing, no leaders, write their own play.

Can’t stop offering of Master
- Those who enter the Carnival

10 hours later
12 days left

Over the next two days I walk with Pompei to develop the document of Legal Charges against Cassius and his family
– 5 successes
Posirus has a bad dream, and then goes to threaten Ravion and entire Guard Regiment
Posirus goes and kills clowns – 20 of them – Rescues a baby
Contact Varrick and he brings me to moon to discuss charges.
- He says cult is deadly and can spare no expense on the hunt
– They want Psykers to shape reality

Taken to Conclave
- All agree a quick death is best so info doesn’t leak
– Including Rickus
– Sees them as a bigger enemy than me.
– Suggests inviting Leitenvay to Lucid Palace for a “Reward”
– Next public holiday in 3 days
– Get Sector Lord to Agree
– Invite other families to show them example.

Afterwards I am taken aside by Varrick
- He tells me to tell the others they did a good job.
- He consoles me on making such decisions over wine.
- We sign official document
He tells us that the ship will arrive in 10 days.
- Kaedy gives us Agramore – an Astarties – Deathwatch

Ship has 10 places, Agramore takes 2 places

I’m told to get everyone ready

We discuss planets calling for help
- Icanthus is having problems with Psykers
- Archridge has power sources, and murders from an Inhuman Sources
– Cowlie – Tied to Logicians

I mention that we need to hunt down Lucy and her troop
- He suggests asking around ships and space ports as we travel – I agree
- I list planets in above order for visiting and he agrees
- I leave
Event at Lucid Palace is called to honour Leitenvays
- All attend, lots of fancy stuff
- Leitenvays all sit together in the centre
- Sector Lord announces charges and punishment
- Everyone killed in red wedding style
- Wrapup
- Rickus says I did a good job in front of everyone
– Everyone looks at me in fear
Stroff says Inquisitorial agents will be wrapping up the Leitenvay Heresy.


Gulliman - Session 24

Ravion is taken off for treatment
– Some sort of Mental Torture
– UK – Memories of childhood shock treatment

I am interrogated by a Sister
- She uses physical beatings to attempt to Interrogate me.

Ravion is conditioned against reading the document, and then let in to see me.

We leave, and Ravion passws on information to Roluts, before we go to see Ahkmarzi
- We are let in
- We relate what we found
- I ask for help and protection
– He starts telling us what to be aware of
– Especially the Architect of Fate/The Radient King
– Ask about Vanugan – Master Inquisitor

He describes the ritual scars that can be placed upon us to help protect us against demons.
- That our souls be be cast into the Warp and only the Emperor will protect us.
– That there will be a price.
- I agree, told another is needed, I convince Ravion
– We decide to summon up Posirus to join us and then Roltus decides to join us as well.

- Next day Posirus is called up to us

- We are sat in a circle, and forced to drink.

- Spirit Vision – Told to tell what we see
– Black ship in a dark void
– Zooms in – more frame overlap of the ship moving
– Chalk line which enters into the Warp
– In Warp lots of ships crash into each other forming a giant Hulk
– Ship mass returns through chalk circle
– Might be multiples of same ship?
– Where it entered there’s a shake, ship enters circle, giant orange burst

Ravion and Roltus see one black shape covering a dark star
- Another shape covers another dark star
– Big black Raven trying to escape the Star, but it is eaten

We come back to our senses
- Ahkmarzi – “Your enemies have been revealed”
– How will they reveal themselves?
– Me: Throws out Emperor’s Throne inverted in front of me
– Roltus: Old Start Merchant Card – Joker dancing with two black birds
– Ravion: Old Card – King of the Hour Glass
– Posirus: Back of Orange Card with stage of curtains opening/closing

Has us cross line of salt, declares us uncorrupted, and makes us all suddenly collapse.
- Oils are thrown over us as servators come in and the ritual begins – Snake & Earth?

Roltus: The Crow Father, Guardian of the Threshold, he calls

Posirus: Carnival Music, People in seats for a show, Orange Tent, Stage, Show what is possible, Directed by Lucy, Show happens.

Me : I wake up with complete memory of everything. Expanded mind trying to figure out everything.

Ravion’s eyes are glowing, he’s not happy with that.

Posirus goes on about “Lucy”, but can’t remember who it is
- Has Roltus enter his mind to find the information
– Lucy is a planet

Varrick contacts Roltus.
- Lets him know we have 2 weeks left until we must join up with a Battle Cruiser

We head down to Tricon to interrogate Mal Mo Gene
- F.C. is close to breaking, and seems to be between two personalities

- Interrogate with 5 successes to his 2 resist.

Explain the 50,000, Mercenaries to help reclaim the 5th player
- Find Contact in Inquisition
– Can see the strands
– Above the plan of Reality
– Deal with many groups
– CS in Eagle’s Talon
– SC?
– Hired Crimson Woes via Serrated Query

Captured AI analysis is note the same as one on RDX 2-6

Big man had more involved with Lucy
- The Monitor
- Lucy was a person

Explosive Collar – Plan to attack Nobles
– -Gius- found them Cassius
– -Gius- who? Leitenvay? Cassius?
- Father with Demon Book

No knowledge of the Master
- Tied to Cassius over Logicians

Lucy wanted to escape mortal coil
- F.C. called insane
- Directed to the Monitor
- Some exchange made
- Something done to Lucy


F.C.’s contacts detected really unusual energy readings on the planet.
- Magos confirmed as non-human.

Interrogate the Monitor.
- He was in Stasis
- Rushed interrogation
– Explain Lucy
– Brilliant. New Human Evolution. Psyker (Lucy?) is 1st phase.
– A body is a constraint
- Lucy liberated of her body?
– She’s going to perform the greatest show – Show ongoing
– She tours – The rich etc. want entertainment
– She wil lshow the the true reality
– Purist Form – Information needs vessal

Last on Scintilla – Upgraded here
– Large Cogitator
– On Train?

Lucy wants nothing to do with Logicians

Can fit in box the size of a suit case
- Case contains her real mind

Doesn’t know family name

Lover of Cassian Leitenvey.


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