Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 14

- Trip to moon takes a while.
– Moon is red.
- Two locations, one for the Sisters and one for the Conclave.
– Bastion Surpentis
– Grand ornate construction
– Automated defences and stormtroopers
– Symbol is a chalice

Weird induction ritual
– Knock 3 times
– Hall with cross, two candles, and a chalice
– Ask to explain ourselves
– Wise or Stupid – Wise – Adaptable to change
– Step forward – Chalice fills
– Told to drink
– I drink half before handing it over
– 1st Dictate – Your masters word is law
– Allowed to ignore local law for mission
– 2nd Dictate – Know your duty
– Duty comes first, innocence means nothing
– Asked to punch Ravion, he dodge
– He gets into argument about it, and gets knocked down
– 3rd Dictate – Thou shall not overestimate your own imporatnce
– 4th Dictate – Do not misuse your masters purse, seal, or name
– Leads to corruption
– Asked how we might serve
– 5th Dictate – Seek no reward
– Sho (no idea why I wrote this)
– 6th Dictate – Though shall be glad of you masters punishments
– Builds character

- Chamber lights up
– Surrounded by all of the Inquisitors
– Lord Inquisitor in the Centre
– SKane was asking questions

- Two seals awaiting us
– Welcoming speech
– Grab seals
– Led down corridor by Varrack and Kaede
– Other another end, Varrack jokes to lighten the mood.
– Told Sarx-rein awaits – Another Inquisitor
– We ask about training and knowledge
– Especially Xenos
– Get told yes

- Flown to Sister of Battle Stronghold
– Hex layout
- Met by Sisters who are quiet
- Taken to Sister Sophia
– Greetings
– Varrack asks to see Crone
– Led through combat arena, it’s heavily glyphed
– Led past meditating sisters
– Lift down to basement
– Crone at desk
– Two coups of water.
– Hourglass?
– Crone is old plainly dressed bony woman
– Given 1 hour poison and given access to the Library.
– Look for Xenos knowledge
– Imperium beset by all sides
– Dark Elder only battlefield encounters
– Elders are traitorous scum who manipulate mankind
– Two entities that deal in Xenos Tech
– Serrated Query
– Criminals that are after money above all else
– Feslpar and Kiden have deal with them
– Kaede, Rickus
– Causes war to sell to both sides
– Drugs, weapons, slaves, tech, resources

- Syndicate – The Amaranthine Syndicate
– Just started investigation into them
– Through Kaede’s informants
– Ships that travel far
– Dark reputation, people are scared to cross them
– Other Heresies won’t touch them
– No knowledge on bosses – The Principles
– Ship Captains are glorified runners

Missive from Rickus redemptionists
– Lower hive acolytes
– Says they’ve identified boss of Serrated Query
– He’s called “The Faceless One”

Ravion says information might be in University of Malfey
– On another world
– People terrified of the place
– Even Cultists are scared

We’re given anti-toxin on return
- Ravion asks Crone about his link to Roltus and if it can be used to stop the Tyrant Start
- She goes white eyed and touches Ravion
- All 4 of us appear with Crone in blackness
– She points to door where a little girl is yelling for release
- Hearing Sisters of Battle fighting demons
- We argue about what to do about the girl

Roltus projects voices into our heads
- We suddenly realise how small we are.
– We see the light of the Emperor
- We then see the massive Tyrant Star below us.
– This massive black void of tentacles coming to kill us.
- Posirus freezes in fear.
- Roltus lectures us on the fate of Psykers and how we shouldn’t interfere with the girl.
- We discuss what is happening
- After some debates we hear more fighting which brings us back to the matter at hand
– We hear a monster of some sort nearby
– A boy runs past us and tells us to follow
– Ravion stops, so I do as well
– 5 rounds away we a hoard of demonic cats as big as Lions with strips the colour of the universe
– They’re grabbing at people and vanishing to somewhere
– We continue to flee after the boy
– Boy has rallied more people to follow him
– Priest and little girl
– Emperor Tarot markings – Psyker – Powersword – Boltgun
– Goes to engage Beasts
– Ravion says to flee to better point
– Priest is confused that Ravion & Roltus are there

= Ravion is suddenly also a kid with Inquisitor asked to draw a portal
= Inquisitor draws her weapons
= Pentagram on floor and runes around the portal to contain something
= Inquisitor summons demon
= Ravion – “Aren’t we meant to not do this”
= Inquisitor – During waning of Tyrant Star Demons can be killed permanently
= Inquisitor Adorgen
= Takes out Holy Book of Tech/Magic Images
= Hovers and flips to page of Echabrayanon
= Takes Ravion to draw circle and jump through
= He does so, and is followed by Roltus

- We charge into the room as demon comes through
– Together and surrounded

+ We also experience ourselves fighting with a Space Marine in black armour against Aliens
+ Inquisitor Shoulder, Crossed Hammers
+ With us is also a Guardsman, a Biker, and a Techpriest
+ We’re fighting Dark Elder
+ Demons join in fight against us

- Inquisitor and Demon engage

+ Death Marine charges Demons
+ Guardsman has a metal arm
+ Biker is a female with purple hair

+ Future Ravion guards the Marines back
- Current Ravion frenzies us all

- Current Roltus links our minds for Banishing chant.
+ Future Roltus goes fear demon.

- Current Posirus charges Demon
+ Future Posirus freezes in fear

- Current me charges and his demon
+ Future me shoots at the Dark Elder

- Demon hits us all
+ Dark Elder shoot us

- Current Ravion shoots lighting everywhere
+ Future Ravion protects the Space Marine

- Current Roltus drops links to Posirus and myself, and chants more
+ Future Roltus attacks into the Dark Elder

- Current Posirus shoots the Demon
+ Future Posirus locked up in fear

- Current me backs off and shoots Demon
+ Future me provides cover to biker

- Demon and Inquisitor attack each other

- Current Ravion focuses beam of lightning
+ Future Ravion protects Space Marine

- Current Roltus chants more
+ Future Roltus attacks Dark Elder

- Current Posirus shoots demon setting on fire
+ Future Posirus frozen in fear

- Current me shoots demon for a lot
+ Future me provides covering fire

- Demon flails about
- Inquisitor stabs it in the head

- Current Ravion closes portal and decapitates the demon
– Angry crow screams as it can’t get out of the portal

- We all wake up

- Questioned in detail about the vision
– Taken off for cleansing ritual
– Roltus brought up from planet
– Posirus brought in by force in shock collar

- Questioned further about Adrogen
– She went missing some 600 years ago

- Crone – Diviner – Most powerful Psyker around

- Demon – Neckobrayanan
– Candles flicker at mention of name

- Silver Book – Leba Demonica
– Grey Knights?
– Private knowledge from Varrick and Kaede
– Order of Space Marines, take fight to demons, militant branch of Ordo Malleaus
– Usually memory wipe or purge upon finding out about them

Name of Black Ship – Twilight
– Missing since M41.330

- Final communicator – “I found him at last, it was long overdue. How fitting it was that it would end so near where it began.”

- 600 years ago was the last rise of the Tyrant Start
– Roltus says it is rising again
– No one can explain what it is

- Ravion asks for more info


Gulliman - Session 13

Amon = Butler

Ravion tells the others to wait while he heads up to the gantry.
– The others cross to get above the Monitor.
– The Monitor is destroying the Scintary.

- I make it to the ground and start to move towards the Monitor.
– He starts jumping towards me, while the other run to keep up.
- We start blasting at heat other, with my shots barely getting through his field.
– His shots are hurting me, and frying my comms.
- I manage to hold him in combat for long enough that the others are able to move into position.
– The Minitor jumps away, grabbing onto a nearby ladder.
– Muler sees his chance to shoot him, and gets off a hit with the Melta-gun.
– This blows off the Monitor’s arm, which knocks him out.
– He then falls to the ground, some flash goes off softening his fall.

- Roluts stabalies the Monitor
– I get some of the Brotherhood to restrain the Monitor.
– We locate the Spider Harness who is about to dump all of the Molten Steel throughout the factory.
- We evacuate to go meet up with Starfall and his reinforcements
– The harness goes into the hole, followed quickly by the molten metal
– Posirus is running with Amon away until they reach the first relays for the explosives.
- They disable the devices and set up an ambush for the Harness
– After a quick firefight they put it down.
- They continue to travel the tunnel disabling more relays and reach the main mining shaft.
– They block the main entrance with lots of trucks and then drive off.

- Roltus contacts him and we get Starfal to arrange pickup.

- Backup arrives and secures the area.
– After a two day quarantine we are taken for debrief.
– Starfall argues with the Mechanicus
– Makes sure everything is taken by the Inquisition.

- At my recommendation a sweep is made to collect everything from the Monitor, the Face Crucible, and BB
– BB has a lot of different caches of supplies, ID’s, weapons, and train tickets.
– Found more target packs on our group, it looks like a lot has been handed out there.
– Posirus takes the Nomad and some poisons.
– Ravion takes his Bold Pistol.
– We also find a ticket to the lifting cant for after RDX 2-6
– To Kao-Li way out on the fringe

Starfall and Talon both write me a recommendation

Kao-Li is a forbidden world, and the information on it is locked down.

Liquid Core Memory turns out to be clear of AI.
– However it turns out the trains have been used as a way of transporting data.

- Also find more about the AI.
– It needs a stable living host.
– Explains why the Cherogeon’s work was to find a stable host.
– We have the list of the 6 cops they were going to target next.

Logicians don’t smuggle alien tech, they just do body mod.
– They were also trying to find who was actually selling Xeno goods.
– Iocanthus
– Archridge
– They were paid 50,000 just before the satellite went down.
- Comms between Anaheim and the Monitor
– Request to mod collars & get into Cosscarla

- One last order
– Supply Psy mod tech to someone called Lucy

- No Links between Logicians and Hydra

- Lorance takes over to continue investigation

- Laserus joins the Elicians
– Who are reinforced with the leftovers of the Firehawks
- They go off to fight both an Orc Waaarg and some traitor Marines.

- Ravion is allowed to keep his squad

- Posirus will take over BB’s infrastructure, and pretends to be him.
– Will attempt to infiltrate the Logicians.

- Ravion, Roltus, and myself are sent to the moon for more training.
– Official Legate Investigator initiation for Ravion and myself.
– Sisters run tests for Purity.

Gulliman - Session 12

- Two hour journey through the underhive.
- Arrive at side of mountain, massive refinery.
- Massive build up of steel waiting on train pickup
- Meetup with control barrier around the area setup by Arbites and Scintary
– We pull through and the Brotherhood releases several servo skulls to being scanning

- Posirus and the Butler arrive
– Announce themselves
– Begin sneaking into their building

- Ravion and his men pull up
– Bring along Roltus and Laserus
– They plan their assault and all of us are waiting to move once Posirus reports back.

- Reports that there are several Techpriests inside that appear to be operating machinery.
– There is also a large amount of servo skulls out looking about.
– I inform the Scintary and ask them about it
– They tell us to treat everyone as hostile
– Ravion says not to and that we should check targets
– Laserus starts arguing that they shouldn’t risk it.

- The Brotherhood says their sensors picked up 2 life signs in the building we’re breaching
– As we get ready the door starts to open
– I tell the others our position is given away, so we all declare to breach

- I kick open the door and tell the two to get on the floor
– One turns out to be a scribe who cowers, the other a Techpriest
– The Techpriest attempts to shock us
– Stuns two of us
– I blast him away.
– I attempt to interrogate the scribe
– He’s too panicked to tell me anything
– I manacle him to the outside wall
– Tell the Brotherhood to grab the Cogitator and roll out.

- The other teams breach their buildings
– Before long they encounter several traps of large loads of steal and coal being dropped on them
– The place starts filling with coal dust
– Several squads are killed and start to retreat.

- Ravion, Roltus, and Laserus breach
– Followed by Ravion’s squad
– They spread out and start to clear the place
– Soon they spot the Monitor engaging a squad of Arbitors 300 metres up.
– Ravion and Grace attempt to snipe him
– The rest of them started to make their way up

- The Brotherhood and myself cleared the other building of several Techpriests
– Then we start to head over and up to help engage the Monitor

- The others are not doing well
– The Monitors reflector shield was absorbing all of the shots
- Just as Roltus, Laserus, and the rest of the squad was about to reach him, the Monitor uses a device to jump all the way down to the ground.
– They all start moving down to engage him.
- The Monitor engages Scintary
– The Brotherhood and myself start heading down to the hole in the centre.

- Posirus it turns out is holed up down there with the Butler
– Also waiting to intercept whatever comes down there.

Gulliman - Session 11

Reinforcements arrive
– Arbitrators
– Inquisition
– Adeptus Mechanicus

Senshal takes over the bomb watch.

They start clearing out the rest of the facility

They stop all trains and search for weapons.
– Transport grinds to a halt.

We are debriefed by Lawrence.
– Mechanicus is angry as hell, but Lawrence puts them in their place.

Hunt for the Monitor is ongoing, but it’s going badly

We are flown back to the fortress and are debriefed further.

At the end of the first day we are congratulated by Starfall and Lawrence.
– They give us a warrant for Enginseer 40317, dead or alive.
– From their perspective they believe it has went well, and the Logicians are on the run.
– One final one with a body, and one AI.

Trains of city set back, trains no longer run on time.

Talonerus seals lower hive to being a man-hunt.
– They do a purge of Servitors
– Prisoners turned into Servitors
– Presgangs taking people of question for Servitors.

Arbites and Mechanicus Scintary are the ones doing the hunt.
– After two weeks they believe he is in the steel press sector.
– Many Scintary die, and some Arbitor to crazed servitors and “Industrial Accidents”

I get promoted for my work in finding the Black Blade.
– Quick promotion ceremony
– New equipment

- Interrogation of F.C. goes well
– He’s very curious of his past.
– Using that and giving him some information about what we did.
– He tells us what he can, but doesn’t know where the Monitor would hide, but does know that Black Blade had a forward arming point at the Central Railway yard.

- I then interrogate the Brotherhood Lejhonjay member
– He tells me about the history of the brotherhood
– How they were once an official regiment
– Then once they tried to overthrow a corrupt lord, but failed to do so
– The lord had them marked as a traitor
– It was eventually sorted out, but due to the way the Imperium handles information their name was permanently marred.
– They decided to disband and then reform as a mercenary company in the Calixis Sector on a Death World.
– They are still very loyal to the Emperor, and accept anyone who is there to wipe their past and start anew.
– They are not happy that they assisted a heretic
– He acted as a Guard Captain to get their help
– I get his Captain’s name – Batrone
– After explaining the situation they agree to help search for the Monitor
– They send the squad we fought with a missile launcher to join us.

- Ravion and myself are then brought before Lawrence
– Who opens up a hologram to Inquisitor Varrack
– We are presented with our new Insignia and offered the position of Legate Investigator
– We accept and then are trained in what we need to know

- Posirus goes off for some sort of Assassination training

- Laserus is recovering from his broken ribs

- Roltus takes Ravion off for something about what happened during their fight

- Roltus later feeds me the financial data he found
– Business holding of the F.C. bought in the Steel Press sector

Roltus calls a meeting between the 5 of us
– Laserus warns both Roltus and Ravion that if they show any demonic possession they’ll be killed.
– After the shock was over they told us how Ravion has turned out to be a latent Psyker.
– Varrack, with pressure from Kaedy, had decided to let him stay.
– Roltus is to watch Ravion, but we are all to watch the both of them.

- We then discuss combat plans to find the Monitor. We have 3 buildings to hit.
– Two Scintary squads per building
– One Arbitor squad per building
– I meet up with the Brotherhood to cover the main building
– Ravion preps his squad to breach a building
– Laserus gets sewer maps
– turns out they lead to some mines where they stopped mining because it was threatening to set off the volcano crust
– Posirus gets teh Butler to join in to help
– Roltus just gears up

Gulliman - Session 10

- Roltus joins me examining the cogitator linked up to the bio-toxins.
– Missing a 5TB liquid memory core
– Maps for hive Sybillis
– Train routs covering spread of gas around the hives
– 6 months ago a signal was sent for the trains to start
– multiple trains possibility still going right now
– All awaiting encrypted signal?
– Our bio-toxins all awaiting signal
– Signal was arriving, but was stopped.

Arcridge note?

- I go to help the others, while Ravion join Rolus.
- I follow the path of destruction and end up at the generator where another harness is destroyed by Posirus and Laserus
– They’re off following children.
- Ravion and Roltus are not doing so well disarming the bomb.

I find a terminal on the other side of the building and head over there.

Posirus and Laserus radio in to report they had found children who survived the purge, and that they were going to take them to find some gas masks.

- I managed to get to the other side of the station and open communications back to Starfall.
- I brought them up to speed quickly, and started transmitting the data Roltus got off the cogitator.
- They advised me to meet with the others, and that reinforcements would be there soon.

- By this stage Posirus had left Laserus to go hunt the Monitor
– He went down the side of the platform, and got to look through his scope to get an idea on where the Monitor went in the lower hives.

- Posirus had gotten most of the kids locked up safely away.
– He took the oldest further down to find the masks.
– On the way there they encountered a heavy lifting servitor.
– Posirus told the child to run while he held it off.
– The child found me on my way back and lead me to Posirus.
– Posirus was being slowly crushed between the burning arms of a partly melted servitor.
– Just then I heard Posirus’ ribs crack.
– I unload my shotgun point blank into the back of the servitor
– I was surprised when it then turned around and came after me.
– I shot it again and thankfully it went down.

- I had Ravion join me, and we quickly raided the supply deport for the gas masks.
– We also get a stretcher to carry Posirus on it.
– Ravion also grabs a small shrine to the Emperor.
– We also find a cogitator like the one above, but even with Roltus helping over the comms I was unable to get anything useful from it.
– However we did find the liquid memory core that was missing.

- We collected the unconscious Posirus
– Dropped off the kid and gas masks with the other kids
– Then headed topside.
- Roltus healed Posirus of the worst of our wounds, but couldn’t fix his ribs.

Gulliman - Session 9

- On BB’s body
– ID for – Magistratum, Imperial Guard, Mechanicus
– Train Tokens

- Power Sword
– 200 years old
– Made by Mechanicus for a noble house
– Blue sun rising on a plain
– Made in the Calixum Sector

- Signal box with an alien power source

- Train is stopped 500m from the station.
- We attempt to disable the box by having Laserus crush it
– Lightning arcs out, disables Laserus’ arm for 29 rounds
- We argue, but decide to throw the box away.
– On the way down Posirus and myself shoot it, but it still functions
- We go speak to the train driver, he’s having trouble with the train
– We inform him the train is under attacks and he needs to evacuate the train.
– He tells all passengers they need to move to the back of the train, and then calls the station
- The station demands to know what he is doing, and we realise something is wrong.
– I attempt to tell him to evacuate the train, he ignores me.
- I drop a smoke grenade and we start running.
– I spot a Service Rail, and after pointing it out we all climb down and follow it.
- Posirus runs ahead, and sees a servitor disconnecting the bridge.
– The others ahead of me decide to head up and continue running forward.
- Up top they see the massive cannon has been shooting the train, forcing it off the bridge.
- Posirus blasts the servitor and runs onward.
- Posirus sees the Monitor on top of the cannon, and shoots at him.
– Unfortunately he has a reflector field which soaks the shot.
- Posirus then shoots one of the combat servitors and starts drawing their fire away from where the others are running up.
- The cannon starts shooting up the track behind us as we run.
– I keep down low, but almost fall, and have to take a round to regain my wits
- The others get to the platform and take cover
- Posirus starts shooting up the servitors
- The others start shooting them up as well, but the servitors shoot back and knock out Ravion
- Roltus heals Ravion, but it somehow causes them to switch bodies
- Laserus takes cover and shoots at the servitor, but misses
- Posirus drops the servitor with the Heavy Bolter
- The others drop another servitor
– Ravion (in Roltus) charges
– Roltus (in Ravion) heals Ravion’s body
- Posirus shoots the Monitor, but the reflector field soaks it
- Ravion cuts the last Servitor in half
- Posirus and Laserus try to circle the Cannon, Posirus gets caught.
- Roltus & Ravion switch back to their normal bodies
- I arrive at the gates, see the cannon aimed at me, so I take cover.
- Ravion charges some server room, while the rest of them start closing in on the cannon.
- I attempt to shoot the servitors loading the cannon, but miss.
- Others continue to close the distance, so it turns back towards me.
- Laserus charges towards a loading truck, and sets the driver on fire.
- Ravion arrives at the server farm, and starts cutting it up.
- I drop smoke and take cover by going back down the ladder.
- The truck starts veering towards the edge, so Roltus turns off all mechanical devices in 60 metres of himself.
- Cannon stops so I start running at it.
- Laserus clears the explosives.
- Posirus waits for the Monitor to appear, and after a while hits him for some minor damage.
- I just run at the cannon.
- After destroying lots of computers Ravion starts following the cables to their source.
- Laserous moves to assist Ravion.
- The rest of us close on the Cannon.
- Monitor sounds like he’s moving to the back of Cannon.
- Roltus heals himself.
- Monitor jumps off, Posirus and myself shoot at him, but we miss.
- Cannon starts smoking, we all dive for cover as it blows.
- Ravion and Laserus are exploring the server room, and hear combat spiders.
- The lights go out so Laserus starts to light the place up with his flamer, but he hits nothing.
- A spider starts attacking them, Ravion chops it up.
- Taking cover from the explosion I go check out the centre carriage.
– Find Cogitations hooked up to Sarren Gas.

Gulliman - Session 8

I will interrogate Mal Mo Gene
Roltus will continue with the Cogitator

Laserus, backed up by Ravion & Posirus, started investigating other issues
- Meeting arranged with Eagle’s Talon for tomorrow
- Next chase up Mechanicus
– Tries to brute force, but it just doesn’t work

Interrogation – 7 hours
- What is cogitator for?
– It is a temporary host to the fifth player
– AI is 5th Logician

– Took over call
– Used Inquisitor Authority
– Found out Enginseer bought Cogitator
– Cogitator delivered to rail HQ
– One main line into Power Station
– Warned them of potential attack
– They asked about what this was about
– When told about Logicians they wanted more info
– When told we had one captive they hung up

- Info of regular calls
- Info on testing something
– Stage 3 successful – lots of dead subjects (60%)
– Need stage 4 request of more bodies
- Info transferred here at killing of Cherogeon
– Moved away via datastick
- Cybas sent message about town going crazy (likely the mess we caused)
– Previous messages just orders from Face Crucible

Separate Communications
- Between BB and Face Crucible
– Series of small files – Encrypted
– Stops 2 months prior
- BB pays Q – Including the 50k

Ravion calls Inquisitor HQ
- Interrogator Sams (Sans?)
– Update them on what’s happening
– Request support for confrontation with Mechanicus & code breaking
– They agree and say backup will arrive in 2 hours

Interrogate again – 3 hours
- It was the Assassin – Blackblade
- BB will draw out people
- The Monitor – 40317
– Will take out the city with himself
– On train with bomb

We ask head Abitor to hold off Mechanicus who have arrived
- We load up and sneak off to central
– Only place with Imperial Insignia
- Convince them to check records
– Wen to Central Maintenance
- Talked to Conductor Assistant
– Convinced them after teenagers on behalf of Laserus
– Got ticket to Central

On train Ravion says 40317, I spot a techpriest flinched
- He is to replace 40317, after I show him Inquisition Rosila he agrees to help.
– He pulls out his Auspex, I do the same, and we find the bio-signature of BB
– Manage to narrow it down, along with Alien Signature, to just behind the Techpriest
- Ravion pulls weapon, BB appears and cuts the Techpriest in half.

- BB jumps onto the roof & sends spider harness after us.
- Posirus shoots BB, he soaks it
- Ravion shoots BB, barely hurts him
- BB hits Ravion for 6 damage, Posirus dodges
- Laserus charges BB, but BB parries the blow
- Roltus turns off powerfields
- I shoot BB & miss
- Harness shoots Ravion & Laserus, they manage to soak it
- Posirus shoots BB, badly hurting him
- Ravion misses him
- BB runs after stabbing Ravion
- Harness intercepts path
- Rolus heals Ravion
- Laserus misses harness
- I miss harness
- Posirus fails to pass harness
- Harness hits Ravion, misses everyone else
- BB charges, I dodge
- Roltus turns off powerfields & fades out of existence
- Laserus misses harness
- I attack BB, and am parried
- Posirus disengages
- Ravion cuts off a laser from the harness
- BB misses me, Posirus parries
- Harness hits Ravion
- Laserus misses
- I miss
- Posirus shoots BB, hurting him badly
- Ravion misses BB
- BB misses me as I dodge
- Harness shoots Ravion
- Laserus misses BB
- I miss
- Posirus misses
- Harness parries Ravion’s attack
- Posirus and myself dodge BB’s attack
- Laserus blacks harness
- Harness shoots me
- Laserus hits for nothing
- I hit for a bit – causing Fatigue
- Posirus misses
- BB dodges Ravion
- BB knocks out Posirus
- Harness does misses us all
- Laserus pulls pistol, but misses
- I am parried
- Ravion kills BB
- Harness shoots me
- Roltus reappears charging the harness, but it soaks the attack
- Laserus and myself do nothing
- Ravion also misses
- Harness shoots me, I get to -1 health
- Roltus heals me back to my full 13 health (he rolled a healing of 25, a bit over the top)
- Laserus and myself miss again
- Ravion kills the harness
- Roltus heals us all

Gulliman - Session 7

No Interrogation specialist from Starfall

- Disconnect Cogitator & Phone
- Load everything into Torras
- .5 hour drive back to Fortress
– Prisoners are taken to dungeon
– Techpriest takes Cogitator and Datastick

We agree to take our time
- Myself & Starfall to interrogate Mal Mo Gene
- Roltus to check data

– Tech Heretics
– Challenged Imperium
– Book – The Logical Discourse
– Pro-Technology
– Hates Mechanicus
– Wants progress
– Return to Dark Age of Technology

Bad Interrogation with Mal Mo Gene
- Passionate about changing the Imperium
- Knows his stuff
- Hard to crack

Interrupted by Ravion 2 hours in
- Has Mal Mo Gene scanned for mind chip
- Scan sent to Roltus
– No emotions
– Lots of signs of torture, surgery, and Modifications
– Manchurian Candidate?

- Finances
– Pay 50,000 credits to Q just 3 weeks prior to arrival on Gun Metal city

- Empty
- Metadata from train service

- Questioning past puts him on edge
- Doesn’t remember childhood
– Had implant, but can’t remember why it was removed
- Dark Age of technology 40,000 years ago?
– Imperium claimed it back
- Computer with a grand plan – AI?
– Days are numbered
- Horrors from outside the galaxy?
– Wants to reforge Humanity
– Logicians surviving for the last 700 years since they last got crushed
– Tranch War?
– Unite Humanity vs Xenos
– Become player over piece
– Views himself as expendable
- Mal Mo Gene = Face Crucible

- Large and powerful computer bought for 50,000
– Tied to AI from RDX2-6?
– Tried to access Navy Ships
– Military Plan?
– Dark Elder Invasion
– Recovered Tau Weapon – From Dark Elder
– Satellite – Scans everything incoming?
– Another AI Signal?

Records – Orders large computer from Mechanicus

Ravion – Marinus wants to be a trap for snap

Gun Metal
- Scorched Earth
- Train Metadata?
- Computer Controls?
- Gas around City?
- Control Servators?
- Eagle’s Talon?
– AI can replicate itself?
– Station, Shuttle, & Satellite

No data on Q – Go back to Eagle’s Talon?
- Go in Secret if we do

Use data to place false order? – Best not to for now

Plan for next game
1) Go after sniper – Question Mal Mo Gene more
2) Raid Eagle’s Talon
3) Inquisition Meeting in 3 days time

- Question who sold Nomad Rifle?

Gulliman - Session 6

Non-Sold App
– In non-descript area in South Gun Metal
– Away from Volcano
– 2 weeks from being sold on

F.C. has hired brotherhood 2 months ago
– Bought Noman 3 months ago

Other F.C. have been paying money to Guard
– Mostly to Quarter Masters

M.F.C. charted lifting cant to Fenxworld
– Other F.C. charted it back

F.C.’s get orders from lots of different sources
– Put together into one big order
– Buys from one source – Seller called Q
– Then puts 30-40% markup and sells on to those that placed order

Bring in Eagle’s Talon owner to Inquisition?
– Marry owner into Nobility and make bank world wide?

After Raid
– Go to Gun Contact on Gun Metal
– He’s not there

Call Provost, find out they have rooms
– Go to medieval fortress made of rockcrete
– Big clearing around it
– Wrecks scattered around from previous fights as warning
– Servo Skulls scan cars as they go by
– Checkpoint with Heavy Bolter waiting for us

We’re let in
- Actual drawbridge and portcullis
- 5 Chimeras inside of door to left
- On right is smithy/techpriest workshop & barracks
- Men on walls

We sleep for the night
- Myself, Roltus, & Ravion get up early
– Weapon check
– Guard Squad ask questions about mission
– Roltus wakes up Posirus & Laserus
– Laserus tries to call shop – No answer
– Ravion calls bikers – They hang up

We speak to Talonerus
- I find out that there is a tunnel out of there
- Argue about plan for ages

Decide we’ll try to snatch and grab
- Arbites will come later to support on train
- Roltus and Posirus will sneak up and scout
- Guard hate plan, I can’t blame them

We leave through junkyard
- People manning it are obviously Arbites

We catch train up
- Laserus preaches on the way up

We arrive
- Very different to the rest of the hive
- Almost urban in feel, but with apartments
- I get in line for phone

Roltus and men set up overwatch over building
- Grace, sniper, sets up on top of building

Laserous starts preaching at market

Posirus & Roltus go into apartment building
- Guard at front lets them in
- At apartment Roltus sense no life
– Life in apartment across from it
- Posirus questions them
– Apartment only has people there at night, hears pipes
- Spots kid keeping watch on apartment
– Posirus and Roltus sneak up
- Grace spots people in apartments above and below
- Posirus tries door, but it’s bolted from the inside
- We decide to sneak in without backup
– I call Gun Contact to fake bad call
- Posirus and Roltus head to roof
– Posirus goes down pipes

Satellite name RDX2-6

- Mag lock on door
- Camera & IR Sensor
– Both linked to Cogitator – Burnt Ground strategy?

Roltus casts white noise
- Echos and kills plants
- Leave toilet
– Large table
– Wall full of stuff
– Pictures and strings – Figuring out wall
– Roltus takes pictures
– Centre of wall – requisition form to access RDX2-6
– Debriefs from all survivors – even Guard Debriefs
– Stuff on other PC’s
– Especially house Stroff
– Who is linked to who
– Security pics from Hive Sybilis from Assassination plot

Posirus searches room
- Standard Guard Rifle under bed
- False pannel with money in draws
- Hair and other items around
- 2 Guard Captain uniforms in cupboard
- 3 canisters of Saren-gas in pannel
– Linked to door, IR Sensor, & Cogitator
- Cogitator takes outside call
– Possible call to prevent explosion

Roltus starts going through research
Ravion and men pull back
Laserus starts trying to find local priest

I head back 1 station
- Find place to make private call
- Tell Starfall everything
– Ask for bomb specialist – 40 minutes away
– Arbites also ready on bikes

I head back to others

- Kill packs for each member of the team
– Evidence that multiple have been handed out already
– Ambush plans are in there as well

When I get back
- Plan to get bomb tech in as a laid off worker here to stat with a friend
- Laserus gets room at Inn
- Rest of us wait around
- Tech arrives, gets in and starts to work
– 2.5 hours later he breaks the connection to the detonators
– Put under bed saren-gas
– Bomb-tech grabs Lasgun, breaks chair for more weapons

Guards have 3 hour shift, turns out there’s 10 more at the Inn
- I wait at the Train Station
- Laserous might have been compromised
– Goes to his room

Assassin is heard coming down
- I call Starfall, he gives us a 5 minutes ETA

- Captain Mal Mo Gene enters
- Roltus & Posirus throw flashbangs
- Bomb Tech charges & hits
- Posirus charages & hits
- Ravion shoots grenade at top guards & misses
- Grace shoots and kills a guard
- Roltus charges and hits
- Laserus prepares for ambush in room
- I run
- Bomb Tech & Roltus miss
- Posirus hits & does nothing
- Ravion hits with grenade & does nothing
- Our guardsman shoot down their guards
- I run
- Guys burst into Laserus’ room
– Door burst & Flash bang – Laserus 5 rounds of blindness
– Shoots flame at door – hits
– They shoot back and miss
- Guards shoot at Ravion & miss
- Posirus hits Mal Mo Gene in head
- Ravion blows up a guy
- Our men miss
- Roltus knocks out guy with head hit
- Bomb Tech pins guy before auto-stimms kick in
- Laserus shoots back and misses
- I run
- Guards shoot at Ravion, he dodges
– Our men dodge as well
- Posirus tapes up Mal Mo Gene
- Ravion starts heading down to Laserus, will take 5 rounds
- Roltus strips Mal Mo Gene of his possessions
- Laserus gets shot up
- Our guys kill their guys
- Roltus continues to search guy
- I arrive and get shot at, just manage to dodge
- Laserus pulls flamer and kills 2
- Then gets hit twice, but still is up
- Posirus continues taping
- Ravion is running
- Roltus continues searching
- I take cover and do suppressing fire
- I get hit in the head badly
- Guard fail to find my assailants
- I pop smoke and take heavy cover
- Ravion reaches Inn
- Their men shoot at and miss ours
- I run to apartment block
- Roltus finds cyanide capsule in Mal Mo Gene’s tooth
- Laserus burns another to death
- Posirus manacles Mal Mo Gene’s arms to his legs (Hog Tie)
- Ravion shoots one of Laserus’ assailants in the back
- They shoot at Laserus, he dodges
- I shoot at them and miss
- They suppress me
- Ravion misses other assailants
- He hits Ravion back
- Laserus kills another, last guy surrenders
– Taken prisoner
– All others get away

Place is cleared, Arbites rock up, and secure place with Starfall. They do investigation of area.

We get all of Mal Mo Gene’s plans, the Seran-gas, Cogitator, Mal Mo Gene himself, another prisoner, a Datastick, and a Notebook
- 5 get away

Gulliman - Session 5

- Tried to sneak up on Signiture
– Failed horribly
- Approach corner, hear them speaking in off world dialect
– Others are 2 minutes away
- Peer around the corner – See 2 Armoured Trucks
– Green Beret – Sword held by Winged Arm
– Brotherhood Latronjae – Guard Mercenaries
– Advised to fall back
– They throw in Flash Bangs
– I fire suppressing fire back
– They get in trucks and drive off
– I get in car and follow
– Others move to intercept
– Follow to Heavy Fortress place near markets
– I wait for others to arrive
- Arbites pull up in Chimeras, Leader demands their gang leader, Napolutanus, to evacuate.
– Fires warning shots until he does
- People leave building
- Arbite leader uses Auspex and finds trucks are booby trapped
– Everyone pulls back
– We agree Vehicles are a lost cause
- Napolutanus says he hired out stronghold to brotherhood
– Normally good customers
– Napolutanus shrugs when we tell him and his men are to be taken in for questioning
– We send in Robots to investigate bombs
– They explode and take out fortress
– We begin investigating ruins

Arbites Leader – Provost Talonerus
– Very combat capable
– Not that great at investigation
- Roltus & Ravion join team in sewers
- I ask staff at apartments involved are to be detained
- I then ask to call in Starfall and his investigation team
– Given permission
- R&R find 3 tunnles – One to Ocean, one to City, one to Volcano
– Head to Volcano
- I speak to Starfall & he agrees to come over with team
– Also says I can bring Talonerus up to speed on matters
- Send Laserus to investigate apartments
- Give Posirus details on Assassin Ammo – Ask him to Investigate

– Fenix Cane, F.C., Francis Constollation
– All done through wire transfer from Eagle’s Talon
– Booked a week ago – For a month
– First entry 3 days ago
– Vid feed of guy will need to be transferred later

I bring Talonerus up to speed
– Calls over Mechanicus to conversion – Engineer Wright
– Turns out Eagles Talon runs message and wire transfers

- Team agrees to meetup
– Starfall arrives with CSI team
– Meets Talonerus – Mutual Respect
– Round Table

- Posirus hands blood sample to medical servitor

Round Table
– Us, Starfall, Provost Erus

Pictures from apartments
– Different every room
– Disguised face in every room
– Final Day – Up armoured Guardsman

– End Goal – Kick out Imperium

Today’s ambush – Revenge or because we were too close?

– Known in Sector in 3rd hive
– Keeps client at Arms Length

– Meeting down in Eagle’s Talon
– Guy hid his face
– Biker gang address – Sachel

Plan is to send Roltus & Posirus to sneak in
– We prepare to Assault just in case

I plant ideas out in the public that two families are challenging each other to duels over killings and contracts
– Laserus agrees to turn up and watch duels

We have blackout arranged for area

Goes off – all data on F.C. aliases stolen
– Includes bio-metric data
– 13 aliases in total

On F.C. bought three apartments around town
– Sold on half a year later each time


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