Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 40

All of us put into separate cells for “Training” and questioning

Todd takes over Shulz – NPC → PC
- Trained in flamers by Sisters and inducted into Inquisition

Kaltos found to be lying
- Deferred execution package – Control of collar given to myself and Shulz

We’re all given mind resistance training
- Scott leadership training with Kaedy and squad
- I drink poison and go down into vault again

1.5 months of training

I have detinator for Kaltos’ bomb collar
- Delayed in hopes of getting STC

Sent to Varrick’s office

Potential Plan
- Drop Verispects and Pompei off at Iacanthus

Other potential plans
- Drop by Arckridge, scan, stealthily check out power source
- Drop by Deathwatch – ask
- Ask other group about Fenksworld
- Ask Kaedy about Arckridge

Gulliman - Session 39

Priest Kharn calls us to account
- Wheels out Sanctioned Psyker – Old Woman – Offworlder

- Kharn is a Legate Investigator
– Works for Inquisitor Roltus – Fire Guy

- Kaltos tries to defend us – all recorded
– Kharn gets annoyed
– Takes all our weapons
- Get them to agree to let Roltus call off airstrike
– Call in evacuation instead

- Kharn agrees to let me search for anything useful
– Get tarot deck – some sort of technology
– Get locked book from Arastarkus’ study

Ravion having nightmares about demons after her.
– Needs old womans help

Old woman says demon is coming
- She leaves
- We get weapons back
- Preparation for Demon arriving
– Gun truck outside – me
– Kaltos refills flamer – returns
– Kharn strips Ravion – Preps by burning warded circle
– Roltus makes warded circle around Ravion
– Old lady returns
– Ravion wakes up

Demon creates distractions – Kaltos’ Auspex shows more readings
– Burns dead bodies in hall

- Old lady says Ravion can leave first circle, he does
– Has to say in 2nd cirlce
- I give Ravion his weapons
– He shoots circle as it shakes

- Ground in circle cracks
– Kaltos says there’s a chamber underneath – says it could be down there
– Kaltos, Kharn, and Roltus go down
– Find demonic entity
– Kaltos snaps and goes insane for a while
– Insanely attacks demon

- I shoot the demon with my Auto-Cannon
- Roltus stabs with sword
- Kaltos attacks Kharn
- Kharn inscribes things on floor
- I shoot the demon with my Auto-Cannon
- Roltus stabs with sword
- Kaltos attacks Kharn
- Kharn inscribes things on floor

I am managing to do some fairly heft damage with the Auto-Cannon

Kharn finishes – says we need to leave as evacuation is arriving

Ravion decides to fall on his sword
- Would have died – Fate Point
– Old lady heals him – weird runes

Inquisition Thunderhawk arrives
- Sergeant Agramour and other marines arrive
– Open fire on building

We evacuate – a Space Marine knocks out Kaltos
- Thunderhawk leaves and blasts area


Detained, work on our reports and case

Get back to moon
- Put in statis
- Taken before Council
- Back to Induction ceremony chamber

- Asked about our Vows

- Kaltos asked first
– On Iacanthus – Unsolicited Arceotech search
– Asked about killing Posirus
- Rickus is trying to make us look bad
- Varrick is trying to assist

Roltus steps forward
- Omen speach – “crows”
– Led us to creature on Iacanthus
– Previous breach evidence in caves
– “Aborted birthplace”
- Varrick speaks out for us
– Recover relic
– Work against Syndicate
– Cabal as a family
Posirus nominated for Inquisition honours

I speak – Loyalty

Rickus speaks against us

Ravion speaks
- Accepts responsibility of actions
- Blames Rickus
- Wants to be sent on a Black Ship to Terra
- Ackmarzi says the descendants can’t be sent to Terra
– Prophesy
– Also says we beat a greater demon and should celebrate

Escorted out for deliberations

We get first sanction against us
- Sector Lord backs us
- We’re stripped of the title of Legate Investigator
– Back down to Senior Acolyte

Split if we called it rightly with 7 days

Kaltos blackmailed into the Inquisition
– Not Acolyte – Vassal instead

Old Woman is descendant as well

Gulliman - Session 38

- Ravion kills zombies
- Roltus shoots Arastarkus – it bounces
- Abbot parries me
- Kaltos kills a lot of zombies
- Zombies mob – Abbot retreats
- Ravion kills zombies
- Roltus sights Arastarkus – empty shell
- I strike circle
- Kaltos shoots Arastarkus – it bounces
- Abbot hits Roltus – Zombies swarm
- Ravion attempts to pull grenade – knocked out of hand
- Roltus starts litany of banishment – Abbot drops to knees, and drops staff
- I strike circle
- Kaltos missed zombie
- Zombie grabs grenade – sets off – knocks out Ravion
– Kills all Zombies in 5 metres
- Ravion’s ethereal soul stunned in fear – runs after
– Posirus ghost fighting demons
- Roltus charges Arastarkus
- I strike circle – Zombies reel and charge in force
- Kaltos misses – Claw kills
- Kharn breaks open door with Thunder Hammer
– Calvary charges in
- Ravion stunned
- Roltus pulls book of Saints and changs against Arastarkus

- Kaltos kills one
- I break circle – I am now in mysterious desert
– Friends beside me
– Leader, Resplendent man – On Chariot
– Part of Mercenary Band – Deal final blow to Warlord
– Skypha – arrows, horses, strike and retreat tactics
– Cause in just – Empire made foul deals
– Nivava
– 10’s of miles long wall
– I ask “When do we attack?” and get no answer
- Zombies – no damage on Kaltos
- Abbot – Attack Kharn
– Kharn hits back
– Ravion charges demon host – Demon weakened – snake demon eats it
– Great devourer

- Attack starts – charging with squad
– All PC’s plus Posirus
– Holding light stubber (Sten Gun)
– Roltus and Ravion – Look like twins
– All wear uniform – Military patches
– Posirus looks like farmer with shotgun
– As scout he lead us here
– SS base
– Captain – Native North American
– Good Commander
– Blood Oath
– Fight until end of time
– Door breach – Fade to black

- Roltus continues chant – fail – Zombies rush
- Kaltos moves slowly towards Arastarkus
- I’m back – Disengage from Zombies
- Zombies & Abbot hit Kharn
- Kharn annihilates Abbot with hammer
- Ravion charges Devourer, tries to shove thing into rift
– Tries to close rift – Can’t do so, almost drag hin in
– Demons all turn on Ravion
- Roltus chants at Arastarkus – Arastarkus eye’s are glowing – chant “the eyes are the key”
- I shoot, take out card – he takes nothing – eyes glow brighter
- Kaltos misses with pistol
- Zombies hit me hard
- Kharn forces way to Ravion’s body.

- Ravion tries to posses his own body
- Roltus tells us to target eyes
- I miss demon
- Demon hits me – Bad negatives
- Kharn splats Demon
- Ravion runs towards Demon
- Roltus chants – Suppress portal slightly
- I shoot Arastarkus in the eye – Whorl stops, cards drop, building shakes
- Zombies collapse
- Crows vanish
- Knights pull back

Gulliman - Session 37

- Walls remain transparent
– Still see Arastarkus
- Perils now up to a 50/50 change – Speeds up manifestation

Posirus dodges bike
- Stabbed by Pikes
- rolls past pikes and kills 3
- Ravion fires a missile at the truck – direct hit
- Roltus ?? – In vision
- I shoot last gunner on the truck and kill him
- Kaltos flames guys on Posirus
– Posirus has PTSD episode on seeing Spider Kaltos
– Posirus hears voice of rage – Offers deal – Posirus takes deal
– K&K hear voice saying “Great Enemy” to south “Flock attack”
- Posirus shoots Kaltos and others
– Kaltos – Right Leg – 6 damage
- Ravion starts running towards truck
– Followed by hallucination
- I miss shooting biker – Tell Kaltos to run
- Roltus tells us army is after us – head to breach
– Seth’s guys make charge – Warhorn, Banners, Chainmail
– From South
– Grenade Axe-man – Takes out gun truck
- Bikes hurt Posirus
- Posirus kills last combatants – hits wall hard
- Ravion tries to break out of Vision
- Roltus runs to Ravion to help him
- I try to get Posirus to stand down
- Kaltos kill Posirus
– Posirus accepts demon possession – Malleous Conditioning rejects it
– Ground shakes – disruption stilled – rift still open
- Ravion joins Seth’s men – Roltus follows
- I turn gun on Kaltos – Tell him to cut open wall or die
- Kaltos starts cutting, it should take about 6 turns
- Ravion flame walls entire enemy force
- Roltus was of Warp Breach – Tells Ravion to stop
- Seth calls out rally – Costcae surrenders
- I step back and see Ravion glowing – Roltus tells me to continue cutting
- Herringbone threatens Ravion
– Pulls out Inquisition Roset
– Threats
– Herringbone throws axe
– Ravion takes it – Intimidates them into submission
- Kaltos opens entrance to Cathedral
– I force him to take point
– Auspex can’t make sense of anything
- Roltus calls in Valkyries – They follow soon afterwards
- I shoot Arastarkus – Bounce off force wall – Laughter
- Kaltos pulls back
- Long shadow limb hits me
- Ravion and Roltus walk in
- I prep to shoot limb
- Kaltos kills cultist – it turns into zombie – Servo call kills it
- I get charged by Abbot – I shoot him – he clubs me
- All turn into zombie
- Ravion goes into combat – Kills one
- Roltus goes into combat – miss
- Kaltos flames a bunch – now empty
- I miss with sword – get hit back
- Ravion hit, but he kills 3 back
- Roltus misses
- I stab the demon – tries to lock my blade
- Kaltos charges Abbot – hits for minimum
- Abbot throws Kaltos across room

Gulliman - Session 36

Kaltos cutting is loud, draws attention
- We are attached

Posirus lines up on truck and aims – On roof behind

- Ravion shoots back with suppression fire
- Roltus jams their guns – manifests their fear face
- I shoot back – miss
- They shoot to find their guns jammed
- They pike – hit but bounce off soak
- Lamar +2 of 10 scared
- 7 remaining guard turn on Roltus – badly injured
- Kaltos tries in fear to get past wall
- Posirus kills gunner
- Ravion kills Lamar with sword – Fails intimidate
- Roltus heals
- I suppress – fail – hit 2 for min
- They shoot back – Ravion hit in right arm – half health
- Spear rank and stab Kaltos – he flames them
- Kaltos starts beating way into wall
- Posirus kills loader
- Ravion fails to intimidate
- Roltus psykic shrieks – knocks out guys on wall
- I snipe truck flak gunner
- Roltus and Ravion get hit by bayonets
- Other flak shoots – pins us but kills 3 guard
- Posirus climbs outside wall – sees lot of men shooting at hole in wall
- Ravion run for cover
- Roltus summons blade – ground shakes – kills 1 GM
- I get through hole in wall
- Flak drops Ravion
- I kill gunner – other flak hurts me
- Kaltos runs – joins spear man
- Ravion gets up – Roltus heal me
- Black Priest and others join us – Roltus reveals Inquisition
- They attack shield wall – charge back
- Kaltos shoots to miss
- Posirus is trying to reach us
- Roltus heals Ravion of fatigue -
– Warp Ghosts – we’re all in forest with crows
– All tech jams
- Ravion and myself jam our weapons
- Ravion dodges flak – weird vision
- Kaltos “Shoots friendly”
- Posirus kills bikers
- Ravion missiles truck – Dodges return Flak
- Roltus makes big warp thing – Arastarkus is ascending

Gulliman - Session 35

Two pilgrims dead to crows

Rob asks for the names of the dead
- Get Priest to organise funeral for dead – lots of rocks

Roltus is subtly interrogate by Arastarkus

We head off – Air is hazy

Day passes
- At night reach Mountain pass with Canyon
– Set up camp
– Send Posirus off to Scout
– Ravion and Roltus on first watch
– Father comes to speak to Ravion
– Roltus starts asking Ravion about what he saw

Arastarkus questions me about if the others can be trusted
- I turn off my bead first so I don’t transmit

Ravion and Roltus pick up radio
- Some sort of guard signal
- Posirus says he can see convoy in the distance – 5km away

Seth spotted moving in
- Wake me up
- Want to try and get there before Seth

We get Arastarkus on side, he hates Seth with a passion
- Gets him to work with Priest to round up Pilgrims

Posirus gives us a lot of useful Scouting directions
- Speeds us up a lot
- We get ahead

We have ambush point – Ignore and move off?

- Snaps into command mode
- Setting up Ambush
- Sending on Pilgrims with Bodyguard
- Send off Identity via Morse Code

Seth minion
- Want to destroy Citidel
- Ravion – Stand down – we’re pilgrims approved by Laserous
- They call our bluff

- Orland Skave – Master of black cathedral – Bribe us?
– Lt Herringbone
– Former regiment 421st of foot
– Envoy of Seth the Voice

I approach as Arbite – Tell them to wait
- He says their intelligence says its urgent until warp opening
– Less than a week

We drive off as quickly as we can

Get there just after morning – place on high alert
- Stopped by big man
– Arastarkus talks him down

- Old Eclesiarcy approaches
– Brother Larmar – Sergeant

We take over Defences
- Ravion looks after supplies – explosives
- Roltus looks after people – check for psykers

- Sleeping NE Sector

- Brother sceptical of prayer healing

Big guy opposes us
- Needs to appear strong

Roltus and Ravion meet Kaltos – Get supply details
- Kaltos starts playing with Roltus’ Vox Caster

Pilgrim – Abbot Skazer – Darkness? – Calming Voice
– Vigil? – Wipes memory

- Long time resident
– Unusual lights on hills
- Old window?
– Advises Koskae
- Elders in fort towards Sun
- Evil men lived here – worshiped old evil gods

Towns folk
- People going mad
– People reprot lots of things
- Abbot Ska good man?
– Two days until Costcae arrival

Drunk – Old Larz- Good man – killed wife – wouldn’t have done it, kept saying “wasn’t her”

Ashleen – Strange lights in all directions – Spirits?
- Devil site before canyon
- All worship in citadel

Kaltos reports problems with Vox
- Traced to chappel
– Pictographs of Saint Drus with crow like body

Heading to Cathedral

Sun starts to set, we decide to call it a night and recover from fatigue
- Ravion keeps eye on couple with bodyguard

They bring Kaltos to dinner so we can talk – we’re in pub

Posirus goes to sleep in truck, spots Abbot, big guy, and Arastarkus
- Spies on them
- They’re arguing over a map of the area
- They want to lure Seth into trap so Costcae can destroy them
- Said they will implement our defensive plans after Costcae

Speak plans to set up demolitions and then investigate Cathedral
- Cathedral is bastion with one entrance
- Cathedral has catacombs
- Kaltos leaves

We meet with Posirus outside
- Tell Seth of troops
– Posirus to send speckled Jim with letter

Inside to sleep – Ravion listens to Ashleen Skalads

Kaltos sees Seth leave his tent
- Signs he used the radio
- No signs of tampering

Bad dreams – Crow vs Ravens
- Wake up 3.5 hours later
- Major war paty coming through gate
– All lightly armoured
– Red oriental banner
– 30 Vehicles – 150 Men

- WB starts dividing into squads
– Reinforcing walls and patrolling entire area

- Speckled Jim flies up – Sees larger column further out

- Posirus sneaks up on Serverous, Costcase, and Abbot
– Costcase asks about us
– They are anxious to complete Cathedral
– Arastarkus says omens are good
– They walk off
– Posirus makes his way back to us

15 minutes – Prayer speaker starts up
– Prayers
– Announcement that Costcae has joined us
– Will concentrate

I write letter to Seth
- Warning of Costcae and ambush with number and equipment
- To expect sign to attack later

- We send Speckled Jim
– Artillery arrives – Kaltos gets lightly hit 5
Kaltos sees Costcae troop run onto Vox & start relaying coordinates
Speckeled Jim sees rounds coming from the south – Hills

- Attack from South
– Ravion joins for Cover
– Posirus to do? (watch Abbot)
– I head to Cathedral
– Roltus to search for Kaltos
– Kaltos heading to Cathedral

South wall breached
- Ravion takes up firing position with Sergeant L

Roltus calls in Kaltos workshop destoryed
- Gets hit by mortar fire

I reach Cathedral
- It’s closed off
- Sev giving orders

- Posirus killed Sergeant on gate

- Ravion takes over squad with Inquisition ring
– Tells us all to head to Southern wall
– I head there – Relay information to others – Truck location to Posirus

- Kaltos heads to Cathedral wall

- Posirus moves to shoot gunner – Artillery takes out Gate

- Roltus jams South Truck – Seth troop grenades it

- Ravion, Kaltos, and myself arrive at meeting point at same time

- We ask Kaltos to cut through wall, he starts

Gulliman - Session 34

+ Recap and Trents scense to work out inserting Kaltos

- Supplies running low
- Ravion heads down into cave
– Glow worms
– Hear water dripping
– Comes across shrine – possible heretical
– Senses weird veil over Warp
– Sucked into Space Vision
– Crows fleeing Tyrant Star
– Trying to flee – offer from crows to assist fleeing
– Turned down
– More attempts to convince – More denying
– Old man appears at tunel waiting for him
– Ravion moves towards him
– Ravion walks with frail old man
– Roltus joins in, Ravion can’t perceive him
– Roltus pulled towards the Crows
– Ravion told Ancient Threat can be defeated with great sacrifice
– “I have the means, but I lack the capacity”
– “She comes to you as she sees you as a means to escape”
– O.M. asks about age – fades away? (was that earth)
– Ravion finds himself in forest – from pre-war
– Ravion and Roltus in Mordian trench – looks familiar
– Red, White, and Blue Flag – Earth? WW1
– Sergeant – “remember what to do”
– Talisman – Fist with lightning bolt
– Over the walls – Dies quickly

Ravion wakes up screaming – Shoots a few times
- I order defence
- Posirus, Roltus, and I run into cave to save Ravion

- As they wake up the Sand Storm stops

- Long scene of Kaltos investigating Radio
– Ends in insanity and knock out

- We arrive to Ravion
– Still having a bit of a flash back
– Primarch? – Apocalyptic

- Posirus and myself take up watch
- Roltus starts drilling Ravion to bring him back
– Ravion blames symbol – Posirus kicks it over

- Hear fighting outside
– Run out – Crows attacking
– I organise retreat into saves – we fight off crows

- Pilgrims at Fatigue level 4
- Scan crow meat – very rotten

- Further in cave – Lots of water – more shrines

- Try to figure it out – Leitenvays? – Too different
– Indigionous tribe – Heathen habits

Roltus – Figurs cult banded here as veil is weak
– Likely a bit more organised than a rogue pysker

Ravion – Vision again – Snowy trench in forest
- Shifts to Apocalyptic War

I have Roltus check water for taint – seems clean
- Fill up and go

Gulliman - Session 33

Radio – Costcae heading towards Cathedral

Heat starts to get to the group – All but Posirus
- A level of fatigue

At night Priest leads us in praryer
- Tries to uplift spirit
- We realise group won’t survive at current rate
– Need to get rationing
– I convince Priest to deliver message to Pilgrimage
– He has a good argument and convinces them because it’s what Saint Drus also went through

10 of us for rotating watches – 2 per watch

- While on watch Roltus listens on radio
– Seth & Costcae groups are both preparing for something
- Ravion picks out – Costcae forming advanced party to greet at Cathedral

I’m on watch with Dacius – Couple bodyguard
- Radio silence

At watch swap I spot movement at North of our ravine
- I wake up others and we prepare
- Ravion wakes up pilgrims who make noise
- Roltus tries to sense it, and can’t
- Posirus wakes up

I try to dash up a hill, and fall down it

Posirus joins others and told to scout
Ravion hands strummer to Priest
Roltus keeps scanning
Posirus rushes up hill

We check view, and see nothing

Posirus has to use IR to pick out an old guy hiding and speaking to these black shadow things
- Posirus shoots at the old guy – he goes flying
– Shadows start coming for him – Posirus start running

Arastarkus looks through dropped IR
- Sees Shadows, declares contacts, and starts shooting
I try to see them without IR and cannot

Ravion organises the men

Roltus draws power sword, and makes a psychic sword

Arastarkus says they’re immune to bullets – pulls power sword

I pull holy weapon and head down hill

Ravion draws power sword, orders pilgrims to drive back two hours

Roltus senses warp taint – says it’s local

I say we get in trucks and punch through

- Posirus has a solo adventure

I get people on trucks, and we head off
- I convince others we’ll go back for Posirus

I wait for Psychers to tell me when it’s safe
- They say the feeling switches to sanctified
- Roltus projects to Posirus to check on him
– Establishes contact – Posirus is lost – will contact again in 10 minutes

Posirus heads backto where we were – Starts just talking to us over comms, but also to a demon
- Rejects demons offer

We head back to grab him in a truck

Posirus asks things to appear – we freak out
- Wall of Shadows appear around Posirus

I floor it back with Ravion, Roltus, and Priest

Posirus yells out “They’re trying to eat me” and bolts towards us

We arrive – sees supplies – Go to get them – Posirus runs past us

As we load pressure mounts
- Ravion draws weapon into guard mode
- Priest starts warding ritual
- I continue to load
- Ravion tries to order Demon and fails
- Roltus tries to help Priest
- Priest orders us to load
- We do

Eventually pressure stops.
Priest asks us what happened, we say was unknown presence.
Ravion says thing fled in fear.

We meet back up with other truck.
- Arastarkus is doing card reading
- Asks if it ran away, we say yes
- I ask if it is a known entity, he says no

Priest goes to Posirus to ask what he saw
- Ravion gives spare bead
- Posirus tells us about seeing old man speaking to Shadows
- Posirus shot old man
- Shadows approach, Posirus ran
- Posirus tripped and dropped mask
- Ran to “magical land”
- Get stuff, including ghost radio
- Came back, shadow gave back mask
- Then Shadows wanted release, then to eat him
- Preist says to throw away all things from Shadow
- Gives Posirus a prayer scroll

At midday we stop for break
- Arastarkus says we’re still about two days out

Roltus calls meting with us, Preist, and Arastarkus
- Reveals we’re Inquisition
- Explains we have another demon following us and it might have scared off the other manifestation
- Explain crew form
– Shale crows different
– No eyes
– Random Movements
– Will attack if they think they can win
– Local legend that they’re a bad omen

Strong smell of Iron in the air
- Possible sandstorm tomorrow

We decide to push on hard to the Mountains for protection
- Roltus refreshes us

We make it, and Posirus’ bird find a Shadowed shape where we’re going
- Posirus suggests ambush
- Roltus checks radio
– Hears weird noises
– Psyker sense picks up weird feeling

Arastarkus says we still have to deal with it
- Shale Crows missing

We find crag to pull into and hide in

Posirus potentially sees something is up in the mountains
- Climbs up, finds Eagle Crest burnt into the rock
- Arastarkus climbs up, sees mark, claims it’s a miracle
– Sign of Saint Drus left here to lead us here
- Posirus takes a picture, but none of us recognise it

We bunker down and prepare for a week
- Big sand storm
- On watch others scare guards
– I reinforce faith and idea we are blessed

At day pilgrims are in bad morale
- Work with Priest to reinforce faith

Gulliman - Session 32

We research Serrate Query in Tricon – 4 Successes
- Clandestant Criminal Organisation
- Profit without thought to morality or Imperium
- Promotes conflict and sells to both sides – Goods and Information
- Smuggling, Drugs, Slavery, and Xeno goods

- Over Abundance of Information – Need to filter
- Very Old Organisation
– Records older than Sector
– 5,000 years
– From/In another Sector?
- Archavist Hoge notes Machine Spirits die, books better

Outlandish – Dates back to times when Emperor ascended to the Golden Throne
- Formed from result of Criminals losing profits to crusade
- Was formed by rebles wanting to keep Xeno ties

- Have been used by Imperators in past many times

- Strength and Influence ebs and flows over the centuries
– Like a cockroach it won’t fully die

- Operates in cell like fashin to prevent information flow
– 3 to 5 members
– Tends to have a lot of hangers on
– Passes up TIthes to older cells

- Mercantile version of the Inquisition?

Pilgrim Cover – Ex-Guardsman?
- Offer protection to other Pilgrims?

Icanthus has a lot of Pilgrims going to it
- Revered due to trouble getting to shrines

Side Note: Child Posirus rescued is called Mer
- Posirus has meeting with Stroff to discuss Demon Clown

- Roltus Fream? – Unkown to the rest of us
– Wake up in Forest/Mire
– Dark
– Lots of Animal Sounds
– Tries to travel, keeps ending up in same location
– Notices fresh human tracks
– Wearing medieval clothing
– Is a lot shorter, with small hands
– Is a child
– Foot prints equal Adult

Ravion wakes up
- Being led through Mire by woman
– Black dress and pale skin
– Ask = Trying to escape and find brother
– Wait for brother

- Lots of weird stuff
– Woman = Crow
– Wants out to escape something
– Black suns will disable us all

- After wakeup they go report to Varrick
– Will pass on message to Kaedy

We end up on ship taking Pilgrims
- The brazen sky
- We act as guards from the get go
- Ship protected by Imperial Ship – Linage of Presence

Brazen Sky going to collect Imperial Tithe

Warned to watch out for Ashleen
- We say we’re from Mordian 2-5th

Possible running nobles on board
- Leitenvays or their allies on the run
- Older man, plus Daughter and Son
- Seems very Piou
- Old man is shifty – Bodyguard?

Ship lands
- People vomit from not being used to it
- We stand out for not vomiting
– Nobles don’t either
- Posirus in leaper disguise is cattle prodded into shuttle
– Passengers scared on the way down
- Posirus sapped out upon landing

Very harsh environment
- People wear bright colourful rags
- Long clothes, but loose to keep moisture
- Pilgrims very under prepared

Met by official who points us towards the Pilgrim Missionary
- Official is self-important and asks too many questions
- Wasting time, especially by asking for paperwork

Ravion starts trying to get idea of who will need gear so as not to slow us down.

Official gives up when he realises there is no money to get for bribes

Ravion approached by begging boy, Ravion tries to scare him off, boy drops Inquisitors name, Ravion forces kid to take him to there without paying him.

We take Pilgrims to church
- On the way we encounter clothing shop
– Nobles buy entire group clothing
– Also chase off kid assaulting Posirus

Line at church of beggars needing medicine
- They tell us to wait in line, Missionary agrees
- Sister appears, says we have to prove ourselves for assistance
– Posirus looks after people

Sister picks up I’m not guardsman, calls me out on it, I pull out my Arbritrator’s badge.
- Story about hunting Psykers not handed over to Black Ships.

Orlan Skay
- Leading Construction – Stone Hope
- Having some trouble
- Several ships dropped by in last few years
- Get names of most prominent merchants
– She suggest checking with the Administratum

Ravion gets into bar brawl.
- Arrested, along with entire bar
- Posirus gets him out

Young Nobles are burning something – We leave them to it
- They get met by child again, and are escorted to Arastartkus
- We get summoned by note delivered by Cherub

- Lots of Merchants on the way
- On the way there are Trumpets, and announcement to let Warriors or Dubai through
– Taking in wagon of Ghost Pollen for trade

- We enter walled compound, Imperial markings lots of Mercenaries
– They don’t let leper Posirus in or urchan boy
– Small walled compounds insie
– Led to ‘fancy’ house for this area, it even has a garden
– Secure room, lots of books, even has a statue of a saint
- Arastarkus greets us – Male – Says saint is his ancestor
– Looks like frail scribe, alert, charcoal robes, high gothic script
– Fiddling with Emperor’s Tarot
– Friendly… Like Varrick

- Blueface = Ashleen = Local indigenous people

Stonehope about to be dedicated to Saint Druskis

Ask about Serrated Query
- Says he was warned about this
- Has looked into it without success
- Gives me two years of Administratum reports
– Need to match against my sales records of 1.5 years ago
– Ships?

Ask about Lucy, tied to entertainment
- Told about trading vessels without warp
- Missery Cord
– Said to be a herald of bad luck
– Carnival culture

Heavy Stubber
- Herkim
- Posirus convinces lawyer to buy it
– Bodyguard takes over

Posirus buys a rug

Orlan Skay
- Primary contact at Stonehope
- Abbot

I get taught how to be a Mordian
- No please and thank you.
- Discipline
- Discharged due to Regiment destroyed in successful campaign
– Black Crusade / Cadian Front

We go to ‘the pits’ (shops) to see what’s there
- We buy ammo for heavy stubber

Rultus and myself go over documents
- Find nothing around sale date

Hear fighting at night
- Missiles and Heavy Stubbers
– Hopefully homemade

Morning summoned to pits
- Trucks, flatbeds, for pilgrims
- Armoured Van for us

Arastarkus in desert goggles
- Our driver is sick
- I drive
- Ravion on gun and navigating
- Roltus on ammo
- Posirus hiding in flatbed

Other driver – Markus

Drive goes alright, but nighttime has to stop so Roltus can give him visor at night.

We stop for the night before a ravine that could be an ambush.
- Posirus runs ahead to scout the position
– Finds 30 guys, 1 heavy weapon, horses
– 3 guys have lances, 1 banner, fancy helmets, spying on ambush

Posrus comes into range to return info
- Ravion calls mercenaries to discuss plans
– They don’t want to engage
- We decide to engage by ourselves
– Leave Mercs to guards while we’re away

Clan has Frag missile Launcher

3 guys have red Aquila on cloaks and banner
- They prepare to charge

Mortar hits, Posirus starts shooting
- Clan yells out about Seth attacking
- Roltus gets radio frequency
- Ravion and I start running

Clan bolts, calls for mortar fire

Ravion joins in support fire

- Takes a rocket, shrugs it off

Posirus takes some impossible shots and still kills people

We meet up with Seth’s men at 100m, discuss things with them.
- They are Seth’s personal guard.
- They warn us off Stonehope – False identity
- Invite us to join Seth’s warband
- Ride off.

- Missile launcher with two shots
- 1 week food and water
- Vox Caster

We come back and tell the pilgrims that we killed them all without assistance

East = Seth
West = Costcae
- Picked up by Roltus on Radio

Clan is wondering why Costcae is sending men to Cathedral
- Crew members quitting over stress, other clans, and strange occurances

Ravion tells Priest about Seth’s men’s warning
- Is Seth just doing this so as to not lose men to its worship

Travel for next day goes without incident

Arastakus tells us about Costcae
- Related to Warlord Skull
- Very ruthless
- Rat like cunning

Another safe day of travel
- Across barrens, thorny weeds, lots of arid dirt
- Lots of destroyed vehicles
– Ghost Fire flowers bloom around dead people

We’re being followed by Shale Crows.

Gulliman - Session 31

- Roltus comes back with Forden

- Ravion suddenly exclaims out loudly – “Fuck”
– Goes to door and orders a trooper to get Varrick – Complies
– I ask what Ravion wants, he says to contain the four Acolytes
– I order Stormtrooper guards to arrest the four, and get a techpriest to stop Mollenken’s connection to the ship
– More senior officers come in
– Tech showdown between the Techpriest and Mollenken
– Very petty
– They call us on ‘betrayal’
– Ravion calls them on non-compliance – THey comply

Off with the four of them for interrogation
- Varrick is there

We discuss who the four are, can they be trusted?
- Are they really from the past?
- Did they just research the past and grab known names?
- Are they innocent and their master the corrupt one?
- Are they working in union?

- Do we take them with us?
– Varrick advises us not to, and to test them

We decide that we won’t take them with us
- First they’ll be assigned to Starfall to hunt down Van-Saar
- Then assigned to Gun Metal city with our data from F.C. and Eagle’s Talon
– Access to interrogate F.C. and Monitor
– Job is to hunt down the Serrated Query to what world it came from
– If we do not return in X time frame, they get to follow the lead

Posirus mutters to himself during his meal (talking to Stroff and Varrick)
- Then turns to Lady D, makes creepy comment, and Ravion takes him off.

Ship gets back
- Ceremony for returning Book & Sword
– Medal for all – Sideways sword on a book

Debriefed by ?? (Kaedy if I remember correctly)

Taken to Varrick’s room with other Acolytes
- Varrick claims the new four, and assigns them to Ravion

Ravion briefs them, and they are sent off
- Assigned to Marshal Starfall
- Lady D, makes a comment about working for the man and being a snitch

We get data-slate with mission to Icanthus – Page 363

Long discussion on how we’re dealing with mission.
- We’re going as pilgrims
– Light gear to blend in
– Extra ammo for trading
- 2 Valkyries and squads on ship in Orbit


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