Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 33

Radio – Costcae heading towards Cathedral

Heat starts to get to the group – All but Posirus
- A level of fatigue

At night Priest leads us in praryer
- Tries to uplift spirit
- We realise group won’t survive at current rate
– Need to get rationing
– I convince Priest to deliver message to Pilgrimage
– He has a good argument and convinces them because it’s what Saint Drus also went through

10 of us for rotating watches – 2 per watch

- While on watch Roltus listens on radio
– Seth & Costcae groups are both preparing for something
- Ravion picks out – Costcae forming advanced party to greet at Cathedral

I’m on watch with Dacius – Couple bodyguard
- Radio silence

At watch swap I spot movement at North of our ravine
- I wake up others and we prepare
- Ravion wakes up pilgrims who make noise
- Roltus tries to sense it, and can’t
- Posirus wakes up

I try to dash up a hill, and fall down it

Posirus joins others and told to scout
Ravion hands strummer to Priest
Roltus keeps scanning
Posirus rushes up hill

We check view, and see nothing

Posirus has to use IR to pick out an old guy hiding and speaking to these black shadow things
- Posirus shoots at the old guy – he goes flying
– Shadows start coming for him – Posirus start running

Arastarkus looks through dropped IR
- Sees Shadows, declares contacts, and starts shooting
I try to see them without IR and cannot

Ravion organises the men

Roltus draws power sword, and makes a psychic sword

Arastarkus says they’re immune to bullets – pulls power sword

I pull holy weapon and head down hill

Ravion draws power sword, orders pilgrims to drive back two hours

Roltus senses warp taint – says it’s local

I say we get in trucks and punch through

- Posirus has a solo adventure

I get people on trucks, and we head off
- I convince others we’ll go back for Posirus

I wait for Psychers to tell me when it’s safe
- They say the feeling switches to sanctified
- Roltus projects to Posirus to check on him
– Establishes contact – Posirus is lost – will contact again in 10 minutes

Posirus heads backto where we were – Starts just talking to us over comms, but also to a demon
- Rejects demons offer

We head back to grab him in a truck

Posirus asks things to appear – we freak out
- Wall of Shadows appear around Posirus

I floor it back with Ravion, Roltus, and Priest

Posirus yells out “They’re trying to eat me” and bolts towards us

We arrive – sees supplies – Go to get them – Posirus runs past us

As we load pressure mounts
- Ravion draws weapon into guard mode
- Priest starts warding ritual
- I continue to load
- Ravion tries to order Demon and fails
- Roltus tries to help Priest
- Priest orders us to load
- We do

Eventually pressure stops.
Priest asks us what happened, we say was unknown presence.
Ravion says thing fled in fear.

We meet back up with other truck.
- Arastarkus is doing card reading
- Asks if it ran away, we say yes
- I ask if it is a known entity, he says no

Priest goes to Posirus to ask what he saw
- Ravion gives spare bead
- Posirus tells us about seeing old man speaking to Shadows
- Posirus shot old man
- Shadows approach, Posirus ran
- Posirus tripped and dropped mask
- Ran to “magical land”
- Get stuff, including ghost radio
- Came back, shadow gave back mask
- Then Shadows wanted release, then to eat him
- Preist says to throw away all things from Shadow
- Gives Posirus a prayer scroll

At midday we stop for break
- Arastarkus says we’re still about two days out

Roltus calls meting with us, Preist, and Arastarkus
- Reveals we’re Inquisition
- Explains we have another demon following us and it might have scared off the other manifestation
- Explain crew form
– Shale crows different
– No eyes
– Random Movements
– Will attack if they think they can win
– Local legend that they’re a bad omen

Strong smell of Iron in the air
- Possible sandstorm tomorrow

We decide to push on hard to the Mountains for protection
- Roltus refreshes us

We make it, and Posirus’ bird find a Shadowed shape where we’re going
- Posirus suggests ambush
- Roltus checks radio
– Hears weird noises
– Psyker sense picks up weird feeling

Arastarkus says we still have to deal with it
- Shale Crows missing

We find crag to pull into and hide in

Posirus potentially sees something is up in the mountains
- Climbs up, finds Eagle Crest burnt into the rock
- Arastarkus climbs up, sees mark, claims it’s a miracle
– Sign of Saint Drus left here to lead us here
- Posirus takes a picture, but none of us recognise it

We bunker down and prepare for a week
- Big sand storm
- On watch others scare guards
– I reinforce faith and idea we are blessed

At day pilgrims are in bad morale
- Work with Priest to reinforce faith


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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