Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 34

+ Recap and Trents scense to work out inserting Kaltos

- Supplies running low
- Ravion heads down into cave
– Glow worms
– Hear water dripping
– Comes across shrine – possible heretical
– Senses weird veil over Warp
– Sucked into Space Vision
– Crows fleeing Tyrant Star
– Trying to flee – offer from crows to assist fleeing
– Turned down
– More attempts to convince – More denying
– Old man appears at tunel waiting for him
– Ravion moves towards him
– Ravion walks with frail old man
– Roltus joins in, Ravion can’t perceive him
– Roltus pulled towards the Crows
– Ravion told Ancient Threat can be defeated with great sacrifice
– “I have the means, but I lack the capacity”
– “She comes to you as she sees you as a means to escape”
– O.M. asks about age – fades away? (was that earth)
– Ravion finds himself in forest – from pre-war
– Ravion and Roltus in Mordian trench – looks familiar
– Red, White, and Blue Flag – Earth? WW1
– Sergeant – “remember what to do”
– Talisman – Fist with lightning bolt
– Over the walls – Dies quickly

Ravion wakes up screaming – Shoots a few times
- I order defence
- Posirus, Roltus, and I run into cave to save Ravion

- As they wake up the Sand Storm stops

- Long scene of Kaltos investigating Radio
– Ends in insanity and knock out

- We arrive to Ravion
– Still having a bit of a flash back
– Primarch? – Apocalyptic

- Posirus and myself take up watch
- Roltus starts drilling Ravion to bring him back
– Ravion blames symbol – Posirus kicks it over

- Hear fighting outside
– Run out – Crows attacking
– I organise retreat into saves – we fight off crows

- Pilgrims at Fatigue level 4
- Scan crow meat – very rotten

- Further in cave – Lots of water – more shrines

- Try to figure it out – Leitenvays? – Too different
– Indigionous tribe – Heathen habits

Roltus – Figurs cult banded here as veil is weak
– Likely a bit more organised than a rogue pysker

Ravion – Vision again – Snowy trench in forest
- Shifts to Apocalyptic War

I have Roltus check water for taint – seems clean
- Fill up and go


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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