Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 35

Two pilgrims dead to crows

Rob asks for the names of the dead
- Get Priest to organise funeral for dead – lots of rocks

Roltus is subtly interrogate by Arastarkus

We head off – Air is hazy

Day passes
- At night reach Mountain pass with Canyon
– Set up camp
– Send Posirus off to Scout
– Ravion and Roltus on first watch
– Father comes to speak to Ravion
– Roltus starts asking Ravion about what he saw

Arastarkus questions me about if the others can be trusted
- I turn off my bead first so I don’t transmit

Ravion and Roltus pick up radio
- Some sort of guard signal
- Posirus says he can see convoy in the distance – 5km away

Seth spotted moving in
- Wake me up
- Want to try and get there before Seth

We get Arastarkus on side, he hates Seth with a passion
- Gets him to work with Priest to round up Pilgrims

Posirus gives us a lot of useful Scouting directions
- Speeds us up a lot
- We get ahead

We have ambush point – Ignore and move off?

- Snaps into command mode
- Setting up Ambush
- Sending on Pilgrims with Bodyguard
- Send off Identity via Morse Code

Seth minion
- Want to destroy Citidel
- Ravion – Stand down – we’re pilgrims approved by Laserous
- They call our bluff

- Orland Skave – Master of black cathedral – Bribe us?
– Lt Herringbone
– Former regiment 421st of foot
– Envoy of Seth the Voice

I approach as Arbite – Tell them to wait
- He says their intelligence says its urgent until warp opening
– Less than a week

We drive off as quickly as we can

Get there just after morning – place on high alert
- Stopped by big man
– Arastarkus talks him down

- Old Eclesiarcy approaches
– Brother Larmar – Sergeant

We take over Defences
- Ravion looks after supplies – explosives
- Roltus looks after people – check for psykers

- Sleeping NE Sector

- Brother sceptical of prayer healing

Big guy opposes us
- Needs to appear strong

Roltus and Ravion meet Kaltos – Get supply details
- Kaltos starts playing with Roltus’ Vox Caster

Pilgrim – Abbot Skazer – Darkness? – Calming Voice
– Vigil? – Wipes memory

- Long time resident
– Unusual lights on hills
- Old window?
– Advises Koskae
- Elders in fort towards Sun
- Evil men lived here – worshiped old evil gods

Towns folk
- People going mad
– People reprot lots of things
- Abbot Ska good man?
– Two days until Costcae arrival

Drunk – Old Larz- Good man – killed wife – wouldn’t have done it, kept saying “wasn’t her”

Ashleen – Strange lights in all directions – Spirits?
- Devil site before canyon
- All worship in citadel

Kaltos reports problems with Vox
- Traced to chappel
– Pictographs of Saint Drus with crow like body

Heading to Cathedral

Sun starts to set, we decide to call it a night and recover from fatigue
- Ravion keeps eye on couple with bodyguard

They bring Kaltos to dinner so we can talk – we’re in pub

Posirus goes to sleep in truck, spots Abbot, big guy, and Arastarkus
- Spies on them
- They’re arguing over a map of the area
- They want to lure Seth into trap so Costcae can destroy them
- Said they will implement our defensive plans after Costcae

Speak plans to set up demolitions and then investigate Cathedral
- Cathedral is bastion with one entrance
- Cathedral has catacombs
- Kaltos leaves

We meet with Posirus outside
- Tell Seth of troops
– Posirus to send speckled Jim with letter

Inside to sleep – Ravion listens to Ashleen Skalads

Kaltos sees Seth leave his tent
- Signs he used the radio
- No signs of tampering

Bad dreams – Crow vs Ravens
- Wake up 3.5 hours later
- Major war paty coming through gate
– All lightly armoured
– Red oriental banner
– 30 Vehicles – 150 Men

- WB starts dividing into squads
– Reinforcing walls and patrolling entire area

- Speckled Jim flies up – Sees larger column further out

- Posirus sneaks up on Serverous, Costcase, and Abbot
– Costcase asks about us
– They are anxious to complete Cathedral
– Arastarkus says omens are good
– They walk off
– Posirus makes his way back to us

15 minutes – Prayer speaker starts up
– Prayers
– Announcement that Costcae has joined us
– Will concentrate

I write letter to Seth
- Warning of Costcae and ambush with number and equipment
- To expect sign to attack later

- We send Speckled Jim
– Artillery arrives – Kaltos gets lightly hit 5
Kaltos sees Costcae troop run onto Vox & start relaying coordinates
Speckeled Jim sees rounds coming from the south – Hills

- Attack from South
– Ravion joins for Cover
– Posirus to do? (watch Abbot)
– I head to Cathedral
– Roltus to search for Kaltos
– Kaltos heading to Cathedral

South wall breached
- Ravion takes up firing position with Sergeant L

Roltus calls in Kaltos workshop destoryed
- Gets hit by mortar fire

I reach Cathedral
- It’s closed off
- Sev giving orders

- Posirus killed Sergeant on gate

- Ravion takes over squad with Inquisition ring
– Tells us all to head to Southern wall
– I head there – Relay information to others – Truck location to Posirus

- Kaltos heads to Cathedral wall

- Posirus moves to shoot gunner – Artillery takes out Gate

- Roltus jams South Truck – Seth troop grenades it

- Ravion, Kaltos, and myself arrive at meeting point at same time

- We ask Kaltos to cut through wall, he starts


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