Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 37

- Walls remain transparent
– Still see Arastarkus
- Perils now up to a 50/50 change – Speeds up manifestation

Posirus dodges bike
- Stabbed by Pikes
- rolls past pikes and kills 3
- Ravion fires a missile at the truck – direct hit
- Roltus ?? – In vision
- I shoot last gunner on the truck and kill him
- Kaltos flames guys on Posirus
– Posirus has PTSD episode on seeing Spider Kaltos
– Posirus hears voice of rage – Offers deal – Posirus takes deal
– K&K hear voice saying “Great Enemy” to south “Flock attack”
- Posirus shoots Kaltos and others
– Kaltos – Right Leg – 6 damage
- Ravion starts running towards truck
– Followed by hallucination
- I miss shooting biker – Tell Kaltos to run
- Roltus tells us army is after us – head to breach
– Seth’s guys make charge – Warhorn, Banners, Chainmail
– From South
– Grenade Axe-man – Takes out gun truck
- Bikes hurt Posirus
- Posirus kills last combatants – hits wall hard
- Ravion tries to break out of Vision
- Roltus runs to Ravion to help him
- I try to get Posirus to stand down
- Kaltos kill Posirus
– Posirus accepts demon possession – Malleous Conditioning rejects it
– Ground shakes – disruption stilled – rift still open
- Ravion joins Seth’s men – Roltus follows
- I turn gun on Kaltos – Tell him to cut open wall or die
- Kaltos starts cutting, it should take about 6 turns
- Ravion flame walls entire enemy force
- Roltus was of Warp Breach – Tells Ravion to stop
- Seth calls out rally – Costcae surrenders
- I step back and see Ravion glowing – Roltus tells me to continue cutting
- Herringbone threatens Ravion
– Pulls out Inquisition Roset
– Threats
– Herringbone throws axe
– Ravion takes it – Intimidates them into submission
- Kaltos opens entrance to Cathedral
– I force him to take point
– Auspex can’t make sense of anything
- Roltus calls in Valkyries – They follow soon afterwards
- I shoot Arastarkus – Bounce off force wall – Laughter
- Kaltos pulls back
- Long shadow limb hits me
- Ravion and Roltus walk in
- I prep to shoot limb
- Kaltos kills cultist – it turns into zombie – Servo call kills it
- I get charged by Abbot – I shoot him – he clubs me
- All turn into zombie
- Ravion goes into combat – Kills one
- Roltus goes into combat – miss
- Kaltos flames a bunch – now empty
- I miss with sword – get hit back
- Ravion hit, but he kills 3 back
- Roltus misses
- I stab the demon – tries to lock my blade
- Kaltos charges Abbot – hits for minimum
- Abbot throws Kaltos across room


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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