Dark Heresy - The Star Rises

Gulliman - Session 39

Priest Kharn calls us to account
- Wheels out Sanctioned Psyker – Old Woman – Offworlder

- Kharn is a Legate Investigator
– Works for Inquisitor Roltus – Fire Guy

- Kaltos tries to defend us – all recorded
– Kharn gets annoyed
– Takes all our weapons
- Get them to agree to let Roltus call off airstrike
– Call in evacuation instead

- Kharn agrees to let me search for anything useful
– Get tarot deck – some sort of technology
– Get locked book from Arastarkus’ study

Ravion having nightmares about demons after her.
– Needs old womans help

Old woman says demon is coming
- She leaves
- We get weapons back
- Preparation for Demon arriving
– Gun truck outside – me
– Kaltos refills flamer – returns
– Kharn strips Ravion – Preps by burning warded circle
– Roltus makes warded circle around Ravion
– Old lady returns
– Ravion wakes up

Demon creates distractions – Kaltos’ Auspex shows more readings
– Burns dead bodies in hall

- Old lady says Ravion can leave first circle, he does
– Has to say in 2nd cirlce
- I give Ravion his weapons
– He shoots circle as it shakes

- Ground in circle cracks
– Kaltos says there’s a chamber underneath – says it could be down there
– Kaltos, Kharn, and Roltus go down
– Find demonic entity
– Kaltos snaps and goes insane for a while
– Insanely attacks demon

- I shoot the demon with my Auto-Cannon
- Roltus stabs with sword
- Kaltos attacks Kharn
- Kharn inscribes things on floor
- I shoot the demon with my Auto-Cannon
- Roltus stabs with sword
- Kaltos attacks Kharn
- Kharn inscribes things on floor

I am managing to do some fairly heft damage with the Auto-Cannon

Kharn finishes – says we need to leave as evacuation is arriving

Ravion decides to fall on his sword
- Would have died – Fate Point
– Old lady heals him – weird runes

Inquisition Thunderhawk arrives
- Sergeant Agramour and other marines arrive
– Open fire on building

We evacuate – a Space Marine knocks out Kaltos
- Thunderhawk leaves and blasts area


Detained, work on our reports and case

Get back to moon
- Put in statis
- Taken before Council
- Back to Induction ceremony chamber

- Asked about our Vows

- Kaltos asked first
– On Iacanthus – Unsolicited Arceotech search
– Asked about killing Posirus
- Rickus is trying to make us look bad
- Varrick is trying to assist

Roltus steps forward
- Omen speach – “crows”
– Led us to creature on Iacanthus
– Previous breach evidence in caves
– “Aborted birthplace”
- Varrick speaks out for us
– Recover relic
– Work against Syndicate
– Cabal as a family
Posirus nominated for Inquisition honours

I speak – Loyalty

Rickus speaks against us

Ravion speaks
- Accepts responsibility of actions
- Blames Rickus
- Wants to be sent on a Black Ship to Terra
- Ackmarzi says the descendants can’t be sent to Terra
– Prophesy
– Also says we beat a greater demon and should celebrate

Escorted out for deliberations

We get first sanction against us
- Sector Lord backs us
- We’re stripped of the title of Legate Investigator
– Back down to Senior Acolyte

Split if we called it rightly with 7 days

Kaltos blackmailed into the Inquisition
– Not Acolyte – Vassal instead

Old Woman is descendant as well


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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